Monday, January 28, 2013

Bath Crayons

Tracker LOVES baths. Like completely obsessed with them. He kicks and throws his arms like crazy. I try to let him play as long as possible... Well until the water gets chilly... Ryan got bath crayons for Christmas (don't ask why) so when I was sitting there letting Tracker play we decided to get out the crayons and have some fun. It was a little hard getting my coloring skills on since Tracker kept grabbing my arms and hitting my hand. I guess he was just wanting in on the fun because as soon as I gave him the crayon he did exactly what he was suppose to do and did a little coloring himself. 

Ill use any opportunity to include Makenzie. I want this little boy to know he has a big sister and always include her. We talk about her all the time and he loves watching her videos. I always imagine how much fun it would be if we had 2 babies in the bath every night.


Chelsea Rose said...

Oh my goodness! The last picture where he is looking up at MRW made me burst into tears! How sweet this is. <3

Alerie said...

LOVE these pictures. I also love that last picture where he is looking up, but I think I already told you that on Instagram. Oh well. He sure is a cutie!!


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