Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekly Roundup: week 16

December 23
105 days old
.Sleeping better and better
.Slept 8ish hour stretches at night
.Trying harder to get his hands in his mouth
.Mesmerized by his feet
.Likes to suck on Mums finger
.Went to Grandma's Christmas party
.Was adored by everyone
.Gets overly stimulated easy
.Total Mum's boy
.First Christmas party attended
.First Raisin grab
.Started dairy again
.Upped dose of Reflux meds

December 24
106 days old
.Christmas Eve
.Did a few last minute errands
.Went to lunch just the 3 of us
.Saw Santa
.Ran around in the snow storm
.Visit from Aunt Jill
.Opened new jammies
.Anxious for Santa

December 25
107 days old
.Lots of running around
.Visits to all our favorite people
.Napped in his car seat a lot

December 26
108 days old
.Lazy dat at home
.played with new toys

December 27
109 days old
.Watched Addi and Easton
.Watched snow fall
.Watched Harley fall in the snow
.Played with toys
.Dinner at Aunt Brookes
.Stayed up late because he wasn't sleepy
.Dad was holding him and he looks over at his Mum and said clear as day.... MOM
.First word

December 28
110 days old
.Waking up every 2 hours at night
.Dinner with Great Grandma Phillis and the Baranowskis
.Grandma Diane came to visit
.Wouldn't let Mum put him down
.3 blow out = 3 baths

December 29
111 days old
.Chores overload
.2 blow outs
.Hungry ALL day
.Doctor suggested we give him some rice cereal to see if it helps with his reflux
.Tried Rice cereal and loved it
.No naps
.Smiles and laughed a lot

Love how he changes and grows every. single. day!


Unknown said...

Can I just tell you how grateful I am that I'm not the only one who thinks my four month old is speaking to me? I SWEAR he tells me when he's hungry. He babbles TONS, but when he's hungry he says "hungee" clear as a bell. It's always perfectly timed, and he doesn't use it throughout the rest of the day. Tracker is absolutely adorable - I love the play-by-plays!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying this beautiful vivacious little man. Wishing you many wonderful moments with him.
Valérie (from France)

brigette said...

He is so stinking cute and growing up so fast!!!!

MMMandM said...

his little smile & the shape of his mouth is just like Makenzie's, don't you think? he is precious (they both are).


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