Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's important.

I should be up cleaning my house. I can never stay on top of it. I should be getting ready for the day and get out of these sweats. I should be running errands, catching up on emails, sewing leggings, figuring out dinner or a million other things.
But instead I am laying here. No tv or music on. Just laying here next to my sleeping son. Listening to him breathe. Anxiously waiting for him to grab my face every few minutes to make sure I'm still here. I love that. I hold his hands and tickle his face. I watch his chest rise and fall. I thank God over and over for his life. I have missed this smell, this feeling, this happiness, this excitement, this life.
I have a list a mile long of what needs to be done but none of that is important. What's important is this adorable little body next to mine. And today I need to just stop. Remember how lucky I am. And soak up every moment. I would give anything to have this opportunity with makenzie. So I won't take for granted my chance to do it with tracker.


Trinity said...

Thank you for that sweet and simple reminder. I needed to hear that today. I too should be sewing baby leggings, but my expert seamstress is sick along with her children and both my boys are sick as well. I hope to have them finished by the end of the month and then I can get them to you along with the other donations.

Auntie EM said...

I think you DID do that with your Kenzie. I remember that last scrap booking overnight we had in October 2009....I took pictures of all of us fawning over her and just adoring her. I've seen the pictures you have of her and know of the many things she experienced in her short life. Nothing but pure love!! Now with Tracker you will do the same and more. I remember doing the same thing with Trent when he was newborn. I could not believe he was ours to keep forever. I just stared at him in awe. I know you know how precious each and every life is and how quickly things can change, we hope for the good. Tracker will have an amazing life and he will always know how much love he brought into his parent's and grandparent's lives. He is special in so many ways but he's special to you because he is your son, Ryan's son, Kenzie's brother, and in addition he has many aunts, cousins, grandparents and friends that love him so very much. What a lucky little boy!! This is just how it should be - little kids should know only love!!

Alerie said...

You are an amazing mom!! AND yes everything else can wait!!

Lisa F said...

Precious post. Thank you!


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