Monday, October 22, 2012

Kenzie Day Halloween Party

We have decided not to do a monthly Kenzie Day anymore. Instead we are just going to do a couple a year and making those extra special. It was getting a little to hard getting everyone together and figure out something to do every month. It had been a couple months since our last party so I was extra excited for our Halloween party this year. I didn't go near as crazy with decor, treats and food but it ended up being one of the best parties yet. 

We had some of the best guests any party could imagine.
Princess Leia
Uniqua (from backyardagains)
Green Ninja
Deep sea diver
Cat in the Hat
Spider lady
Jazz fan
Queen of Hearts
Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland
Purple witch

We had spooky breakfast food.
ghost pancakes
bat droppings (coco puffs)
monster eyes (kix)
dead skin (cinnamon toast crunch)
breakfast bars

There was lots of playing, laughing, running, joking, bingo, games...

The bingo prizes were candy bars, lip gloss and tattoos. The kids had a blast. Addi and Teagan thought that every time I called out another item they had to scream BINGO. It was pretty hilarious. We played over and over. It was the best game and every kid just sat there eagerly waiting to win again. They ended up each walking away with 3 prizes.

Before it got to dark Ryan headed outside to spread the candy. Every year now we get bags and bags of candy and toys and spread it all over the yard. We let everyone go crazy and they all walk away with a ton of goodies. I thought of doing something different this year but was told that was unacceptable. This is one of those things they all look forward to.

and of course Kenzie's balloons.

-Tracker sent the first balloon. His first balloon sent to his sister-

We ended the night with cookies and chatting for hours.

Oh my sweet sweet Makenzie, I hope you enjoyed our little party in honor of you. Your cousins love to get together and remember you. We miss you. They love sending you all those balloons and this time tried their hardest to attach candy to their balloon to send you. It didn't work. but we all know you have more candy in Heaven than we all do here. I cant believe 3 years ago we were celebrating Halloween together. You and your cute punk rock costume. So tiny. I cant believe how long ago that seems on one hand but seems like just yesterday on another. We will never ever forget you. We will never stop celebrating your life. Thank you for watching out for all of us. Thank you for sending us all your love. Thank you for being apart of our family. I hope you feel how incredibly loved you are.
I hope you have a great costume this year.
I love you.
I miss you.


nicole said...

What a wonderful party and a great way to honor Kenzie!

Auntie EM said...

Looks like a way fun party to celebrate your little sweet Kenzie. You are so right - she is so missed and we all love her beyond what words can express. I think of her often but I know she is ok and she is still as sweet and beautiful as ever. She really would have enjoyed the Halloween party in her honor.

Trinity said...

Have I mentioned that I love that you celebrate her life and part of your family so often? I love that you frequently send her balloons. You are such a wonderful example of humble gratitude. You are such an amazing mom. Love Tracker's little outfit. I am so excited to take my boys out this year for Halloween. Hopefully it is not too cold.


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