Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teagan + Ryder (aka Tracker)

Love having this girl around. She is the sweetest. We adore every inch of her.
She hadn't met Tracker yet so when I walked in the door with this little boy in tow and my belly much smaller than the last time I saw her--- she didn't quite know what to say or think.
She was so sweet to him and loved helping me take care of him.
When we first found out we were pregnant she insisted we were having a girl and her name was going to be Rapunzel. After we found out it was a boy she was a bit disappointed but tried to make the best of it and insisted his name be Ryder (aka-- Flin Ryder) and we actually considered that name for quite a while but ended up going a different route. anyway. Teagan couldn't remember Tracker for some reason and kept calling him Ryder. So he might forever have a special nickname from his cousin Teagan.
She helped me feed him once and every time he cried she was eager to make sure I knew he needed his milk. She thought it was really weird that he couldn't do more than eat, sleep, poop and CRY. Oh she had a hard time with his crying. She really tried to be patient but when there is a baby that cries for hours on end--- it can get to be a bit much. She would cover her ears and say something like... I am getting really annoyed. That was my que to put a movie on for her and take the baby upstairs to give her some quite time. She did enjoy snuggle time when he didn't cry and never wanted me to take him away from her.
She was a total pro at feeding and burping him. She totally melted my heart and made me miss Makenzie so much. I couldn't stop thinking what life would be like if she was here. A sassy 3 year old who I'm sure would be all about her little brother.

Ryan loves when Teagan is around. He loves how she picks on him for days. She loves to stick right by him and wont let him have a moment of peace. We love having her here. and having 2 kids really is challenging. I am definitely more tired than usual.

-after a little to much wrestling Teagan drew blood. She went to pinch Ryan's nose for teasing her and ripped a pretty good size hole with her nail. It was bleeding everywhere. This is after we got the blood to pretty much stop and it was just dripping a little-

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Alerie said...

Cute name story!! The pics of them are sweet. I hope Ryan's nose is doing better. My girls love to wrestle with their dad and someone always ends up getting hurt too, but they all love it and keep going back for more. You guys are amazing aunts and uncles too!!


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