Saturday, October 27, 2012


Maybe its just me... I like facebook enough. Its enjoyable to see what others are up to and see pictures of their families. but I am so sick and tired of the dumb posts some people put.
Everything around this election is driving me nuts. I am all about you believing for what you believe in and for voting. AWESOME. I understand you wont agree with what some other people believe but is it necessary to drag people through the mud? Do you think you are a better person because you believe a certain thing? Horrible. You are not. We are all entitled to our opinions and lucky for us we are in a country that we have the right to vote for our leaders. but I am embarrassed for those of you who feel its your right to spit on everyone else who thinks different than you.
What has been making me so upset the last few days with good ol facebook...
One person after another is complaining about the most trivial thing, then the next person is calling someone an idiot because they are voting for a certain person.
Seriously people stop.
Do you think you are making the world better by doing this?
Is this whats really important in life?
Then there is people like this sweet sweet family in Utah. Who is living every parents nightmare. for the second time. Their little girl is losing her battle with SMA. Every post they make completely breaks my heart more and more. I just go back to those last days with Makenzie. Where my world was falling apart. My life seemed to stop. but no one else did.
Now I didn't expect the world to stop because of what I was going through but I wished I could just shake every single person who was too busy putting someone else down or complaining about spilled milk or something and tell them to just look at what is going right in their life.
You cant look 2 seconds in front of you and not see someone else going through so much worse. Probably something you cant even imagine.
Over the last couple days as I have seen this mothers posts about her little girl who is slipping away, I am completely heartbroken for her. and her posts are mixed among all of these other silly posts. It really puts the important things in perspective.
I keep praying this sweet family has comfort.
I then remind myself how lucky I am and I thank God for all the good in my world. I thank him for helping me survive the hardest of hard days. For getting me through that moment when Kenzie went back to heaven. and every moment after. I thank him for giving me joy. I am so thankful for my husband. For my son. For the life he has given me.
Please keep this sweet family who is going through the unthinkable in your prayers.
Please pray little Tabitha is able to have comfort and return home in peace.
and please be nice to each other. Stop putting others down. and just focus on whats important in life.
Realize you are here, you are well, you have your family and that is whats important.


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Alesha said...

I couldn't agree with this more. That is the exact reason I had to get off facebook for MONTHS after Pierce died. I couldn't handle all the trivial nonsense when my whole world had just came crashing down. I will def keep tabitha and family in my prayers.

Jessica said...

Amen! I couldn't have said it better myself. :) I, too, have been constantly reading Monica's posts and am so moved and inspired by the whole English family. There are so many more important things in the world than politics.

Unknown said...

Kendra please post this on facebook so I can share it with the world. Beautiful. Thank you.

Trinity said...

I love this post. Posts such as these mentioned are a main reason as to why I disabled my facebook account months ago. Yes, I do post about trivial things on my blog, but I hate the way people think that they can post whatever they think on facebook. Only to expect no repercussion. I saw friends attack friends and call one another names for posts as trivial as who they are voting for and such. I too am a firm believer that you can think, feel and do whatever you like, however, you must be open to others thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes. If you would like to be respected for your beliefs you must respect others first. I have learned this firsthand and witness friends slip away and others say hurtful things due to the fact that my husband and I do not have the same beliefs. I completely respect and support him and his beliefs. I am married to him as a person not for his religious preference. It works for us, which is why I cannot understand why others develop such a problem and understanding. This has been a very dirty political race this year and I have been quite disgusted with the character displayed by both candidates at some point. Also the people have been much more vocal and downright rude to the opposing voter. As you mentioned, we live in a country that gives us the right and the privledge to vote. I am so glad that I do not have to see this disgusting display on fb. I could not agree with your statement more. I feel badly that so many others are going through tragedy. Thank you for the reminder to look around and realize how blessed we are and to be thankful for all that we do have. (sorry that was very long)

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Lesley said...

Very well said.

Rachael G. said...

I absolutely needed to read this today. Thank you for posting this.

Alerie said...

Love this post!! I can't stand stuff like that. I will be keeping Tabitha and her family in my prayers!!


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