Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hospital Visitors

We had a lot of visitors come meet Tracker his first few hours.
We are so lucky to have such amazing supportive people around us. I think they were almost more excited for us to have this little boy than we were. Its such an amazing blessing to have Tracker apart of our family. He has the best Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Best Friends to help him through life. He is so loved.

-Track couldnt wait to meet his uncle Ben and cousins in Washington-


Running with's about making the time now! said...

I have not commented, but I have been a reader for awhile. I have had such compassion for you and your family.
I am thrilled for you. I am just speechless. I wanted to tell you that the video you made, is just wonderful. I cannot express to you the feelings I had when I saw the picture of your daughter moving, on your belly. That is such a neat thing, and so priceless.
I am wishing you and your family the best.
You are great parents, your children are so lucky.

BrittRegan said...

Kendra, this is a new, beautiful song by Pink that reminds me of your family.


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