Friday, October 26, 2012


Family trip to Pocatello.
We love going there.
Its a close little getaway.
+ we get to see some of our favorite peeps.

If I liked driving we would definitely be doing more road trips because this baby is a dream in the car.
but I hate driving so we don't ever go far. I am so antsy and just want to get there already.
I'm not one to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the scenery.
We headed out after work on Friday.
I love that those babes don't forget us and my Riley is always happy to see me.
I could seriously eat her up. Ryan is kind of obsessed with her cuteness as well.
Keelie was the best babysitter and was always watching out for Tracker. She was so good at holding and loving on him. and that Ryland could not stop making me laugh. He is hilarious.

Saturday we played at home in the morning. Went to a pumpkin patch. Where someone (Misty) didn't bring a jacket and it was negative degrees outside so she found a blanket and wore it around like a cape. We got lost in a corn maze. Someone (Misty) decided to take a double wide stroller through that corn maze. No kid wanted to be in the thing so we took turns shoving it through the narrow paths. It was quite comical. I honestly think the corn maze would have been a bit lame if it wasn't for that stroller adventure. It was so long and had all these trivia games to make you get lost or to help you find the right way. Somehow we kept guessing wrong which then lead us down the wrong path which then made us try and reverse or back up that bus we had. It was ridiculous. Hilarious. almost made me pee my pants a few times. Hilarious. After the maze we rode the worlds ricketiest hay ride. I feared for our lives. Seriously. You could feel every screw, nut and bolt move. It didn't help I had a larger fellow literally sit on me as this cart was about the size of a child's waggon and there was no room but they shoved about 50 people on it. Tracker was snuggled in the bjorn protected from the cold but rather squashed in half as I was bracing myself on Ryan's leg, a sliver of the carts floor and 1 butt check on a hay bale.
On this hayride we came up with our new favorite thing to say--
Out of no where, without any other information when you are enjoying yourself you just yell out...
and that's it. 
We thank Ryland for teaching us this.
and Ryan and I have used it to death. Its kind of annoying how much we use it now but we end up laughing every time.
After the pumpkin patch-o-fun we headed back home.
The babies warmed up to Tracker for the most part. They were so gentle and loving with him.
That is until they thought Tracker was crossing the line and hogging to much of their Moms time or touching their things. I tried to put Tracker in Rylands crib for a minute and that little boy ran in the room and very sternly said.... "Baby- OUT, my bed" over and over until I got that dang kid out of his bed. He was not having any of it.
We had a yummy dinner and stayed up wayyy to late playing mario brothers on the wii.
--- I say too late only for this Mum who treasures any minute of sleep I get. We really didn't stay up that late for the average. 

*Ryan was our photographer for the day and got all creative on us by taking pics. through the corn.. fancy! *

*this one ripped out her bow.. can you say- something about mary- hair?*

The next morning we ate the most amazing breakfast burrito in the world.
and watched Mickey, kissed the baby and played with choo choo's.

*see what I mean about our dream babysitter. maybe when T is 15 and I finally leave his side, I will trust her with him*

We were talking when it suddenly got quiet.
Tooo quiet.
I guess I am just learning early to never let Tracker out of my sight.

FYI--- baby oil gets out permanent marker on your skin.
who knew!!

After lots of hugs and kisses we said our goodbyes and headed home.

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