Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 7

- I lost my phone due to a porta potty incident on Saturday so this weeks pictures are thanks to instagram. Its a good thing I am always posting there (you can follow me at _kdw_). 
I lost a ton of pictures. and there was some of the cutest ones to. I am still so sad. I also lost my notes for little things Tracker does during the week so I know I have forgotten a lot. I have learned I rely to much on my damn phone. I need to start carrying around a notebook again. -

October 21
42 days old
.Drove home from Pocatello
.Snuggled this little boy for hours and hours

October 22
43 days old
.A somewhat lazy day
.Tracker has learned he likes his bouncer as long as you are bouncing him vigorously
.Tracker was really upset most of the day
.Went to his cousin Ellies bday party that evening
.Met some of Mums friends

October 23
44 days old
.First snow fall
.Watched it at 2am from the window
.Lots of bouncer time so Mum could work
.I keep one foot on the bouncer that's at my feet while I do just about everything
.Losing more and more of his hair

October 24
45 days old
.Ran errands
.Went to pumpkin patch #4 of the year
.Wore the appropriate attire for the pumpkin patch
.Met the Rushworths
.Got excited about his new friend who is due next year
.Went out to dinner with our friends

October 25
46 days old
.Didn't sleep that night
.Slept great that morning snuggling mum
.He sleeps best if he is touching me
.Wearing size 1/2 diapers from costco
.Last day he wore anything NB
.I still cant pack the clothes away- its too sad- He is getting so big
.Had several outfit changes due to the best pooper in the world

October 26
47 days old
.Rough day
.This little man was not having it most of the day
.Went to lunch with Grandma Diane
.Came home and had a rough night
.Put the snow cover in his car seat

October 27
48 days old
.Early morning snuggles
.Waited for Dad to get home from shooting so he could play
.Visited Makenzie and brought her Halloween stuff and showed her our costumes
.Went to Halloween party #2 at Nicks house
.Went to Halloween party #3 at Grandma Dianes house
.Dressed as a cowboy
.Went to his first UTAH game

.Realized how important it is for me to remember everything about this little boys life. I don't want to forget anything. and I have the worst memory. I am going out to get a notebook today.


Andrea said...

Sorry you lost your phone. When Eli was in the hospital, my phone was broken and I lost all my pictures. Most of them I had backed up, but most of the ones of Eli in his hospital bed I lost. I am not afraid to admit I started crying in the AT&T store. I am like you-I rely too much on my phone!!
Tracker just gets cuter by the day. I also LOVE the pictures you have of him in the post above this in his Utah jersey!!!

brigette said...

We had so much fun with you guys!! Tracker is so stinking cute!! I'm sorry that you lost your phone aaack! Id be lost!!

Alerie said...

I'm so sorry you lost your phone. I am always so scared of losing all of my pictures. Tracker is SO adorable!! I love the picture of him sleeping with you. So sweet. I will be following you on instagram. Can't wait to see more cute pics of little Tracker!!


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