Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 6

October 14
35 days old
.First time Dad got up with Tracker and let Mum sleep in
.Went on a drive and saw deer
.Visit with Great Grandma Phillis
.Family pictures
.Smiled for more than just Mum and Dad
.Smiled for GGPhillis and Grandma Becky

October 15
36 days old
.Gardner Village to see the witches
.Lunch with friends
.First dance party

October 16
37 days old
.First size 1 diaper
.Starting to put away NB clothes
.Smiling more and more
.Played with a bath toy, watched the duckie float around- side to side
.Watched Mum walk around the room. Arched my back and turned my head to keep an eye on her

October 17
38 days old
.First 2am bath due to blow out up into the hair
.Visit Makenzie
.Visit Daddy at work
.First time in Kenzie's swing. Liked it more than any other baby thing
.Smiled for Grandma Diane

October 18
39 days old
.Long walk
.Played with Daddy for hours after he got home

October 19
40 days old
.Packed our bags
.First time through a car wash- scared him
.Road trip
.Slept the entire care ride
.Played with the kids all night

October 20
41 days old
.Pumpkin patch
.Corn maze
.Hay ride
.Played mario brothers
.Played on the floor with friends
.Got lots of loves from Misty

Cant believe I have been able to live in this life for 6 months!


Anonymous said...

So Precious. Not knowing that you did IVF, He looks just like Ryan. Must have meant to be!

chazney said...

Omg! Where did you get that skull shirt and the little blue and white cow outfit? Love! Tracker is so perfect.


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