Sunday, October 14, 2012


Tracker and I took our first little trip last weekend.
Ryan was headed to the cabin for his last guy vacation of the year so we decided to head North and visit my sister and her family. They haven't met Track and we could hardly wait to get together.
I was surprised how great Tracker did in the car.
We drove a little over 2 hours before we had to stopped.
After eating he was happy as can be until we got there.
Lisa and Sarah were so excited to see Teeny Tiny Tracker and ran out to greet us.

During our short stay we had a ton of fun and kept pretty busy.
Had a birthday dinner for Lisa's BFF
Went to a pumpkin carnival
Visited Ron's tactical shooting range
Had another yummy dinner with the best ever peach pie for dessert
and hours of chatting and enjoying each other.
Tracker got to take his first tractor ride and pick a pumpkin at the pumpkin carnival.
We went with Lisa's friends who have the cutest little boys. They were hilarious and definitely gave me a taste of what to expect a year from now with my little man.

Pumpkin Carnival



train ride

hay ride

pumpkin patch

finding the perfect pumpkin

another photo-op

corn maze

tons of pumpkin fun

Tactical Shooting Range

we are all about safety. and safety was so dang cute on this little boy.
he never even flinched when the guns were going off.

Sarah was so sweet with her new little cousin. You couldn't get that smile off her face every time she was holding him. She wrote him a story and read it to him over and over. and he loved it every time. Sarah is the one that came up with his now famous nickname- Moose Track.

The night before we left Moose Track decided he had enough sleep and wanted to party.
He slept a total of 3 hours the entire night.
So we had a lot of good Mother-Son bonding time.
As much as I love to sleep- I love this little boy so much more. and anytime he looks at me, I melt. 
So we had a whole night of me swooning over every inch of him.
Its not every night I take advantage of it even though I should.

 and after taking the wrong turn on our way home, causing us to add 2 hours to our drive, we made it home safe and sound. Ryan was anxiously waiting for his little man to come home and Tracker was equally excited. They snuggled the rest of the evening and I was old news to that boy
--- well until he wanted to eat.

Thank you Ron, Lisa and Sarah for a wonderful weekend.
Tracker and I cant wait to come back, next time Ryan will join in on the fun.

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Anonymous said...

I love looking at all of the newest photos of your sweet Tracker!


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