Thursday, October 18, 2012


I have been a little distracted from our leggings project the last few weeks. You know-- with new baby and all. Its been a little crazy. BUT you all have stepped up to the plate and have continued sending in those leggings!! woohooo!
Alright people our leggings count as of all the leggings I currently have in my possession adds up to
513 pairs of leggings!!!
Fabulous people. Fabulous.
I have to send a big shout out to MY LITTLE LEGS who sent a generous donation of not only leggings but adorable hats. Oh they are amazing. They have helped us out in the past (our first year doing this) and I am so thankful for their generosity. I think you should head to their website and get to know their adorable products. Seriously its trouble.
So I originally had a goal of collecting 2000 pairs of leggings to donate. I would be over the moon if we are able to collect that many but I just want to step back and get what we get. Any amount we are able to donate is incredible. Its making a difference and it will change a little kids day.
So THANK YOU soo much to everyone who has donated. Its seriously been so amazing and every package I get- whether there is 1 pair of leggings or 50 I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Thank you for taking time and energy and money out of your life to help this project.
I just want to remind those who still want to help that we are collecting leggings until November 20th. Email me for the address to send leggings to. If you want more detailed info on the leggings or the pattern to make them go HERE.  and I am still selling these cookbooks. and all sales of cookbooks goes to the purchase of leggings! and people I have a ton of cookbooks left. SO PLEASE BUY THEM. They are incredible. They have the best recipes. and its going to a good cause. Its close to the holidays people. Perfect Christmas gift :)
Time is ticking. Not much time left.
Thank you!

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