Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekly Roundup: week 5

October 9
28 days old
.Drive home from Idaho. Took the wrong turn so we added a lovely 2 hours to our trip.
.Tracker enjoyed snuggling Daddy all night
.Dad came home from his last weekend at the cabin for 2012

October 8
29 days old
.Made the banner for Trackers 1 month bday
.Grandma and Papa brought dinner
.Dad had to work late

October 9
30 days old
.Mom didn't feel good all day
.Tracker had a hard day. Cried more than usual
.After hours of crying a 45 minute shower made everyone feel better
.Mom had to work but Tracker came with
.Saw Uncle Jonathan
.Stopped by to see Grandma D and Jesse
.Made cookies for Trackers 1 month party
.Had a mini 1 month photo shoot for our growing boy

October 10
31 days old
.Ran errands with Aunt Alana
.Tracker smiles again
.Tracker pooped in the bath-- all over me
.Took advantage of Dad working late and snuggled him for hours
.Ryan's parents came over for dinner and Sons of Anarchy

October 11
32 days old
.Played with Lucy
.Met Uncle Rick
.Got Dads truck fixed
.Moved Tracks room around a little
.Met cousin Teagan- happy she gets to stay with us for a while
.Was so mellow and happy most of the day

October 12
33 days old
.Got Tracks hand and foot mold done
.Aunt Robin and cousin Jen came to visit
.Aunt Jill and Aunt Alana came to visit
.Played with Teagan

October 13
34 days old
.Breakfast at Sills
.Pumpkin patch fail
.Still bought a pumpkin
.First Kenzie Day
.First time wearing jeans
.First time wearing shoes
.First Halloween costume
.Met cousins Aidan, Kian and Amalie

We are loving this fall season!


Alerie said...

the picture of harley and tracker is so cute

Paige said...

I just love the picture of Harley and Tracker! It made me SMILE! :)


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