Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Bath - 9/9/12

So Trackers real first bath was in the hospital.
After I gave birth I honestly felt great. They nurses were getting after me for getting up and moving around too soon. I was the same way after Makenzie. I just wanted to get moving, cleaned up and not look like I was just got back from the war.
We got to bathe him just a few hours after he was born.
Ryan was a little apprehensive to bathe him so I did it while he took pictures.
It was such an amazing experience.
I have missed bath times.
He cried a little but I now know that's because it was a dumb sponge bath and he wanted to soak in the tub. The nurse helping me was so nice but my heavens she slowed me down. She was explaining exactly how to bathe a baby in great detail. It kind of made me laugh. Its not like I didn't need some advice but she was going a little over board. She must have worried I was going to really mess this up.

and there was a million pictures taken before, during and after the experience.
We honestly cant get enough of his deliciousness.

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Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

Birth stories are my favorite, and yours was beautiful. I love the video you made, what a great idea. He's such a handsome baby :)


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