Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Lists

Alright Mums...
I need some advice. So I am going through everything I have for baby T and also for myself and trying to remember all those little things I never thought about with Makenzie that I used. I have done a lot of research and although this is my second baby- I honestly feel like its my first. I try to compare a lot of my experiences with Makenzie but many of them I am not sure if it was normal or if things were a certain way because she was sick. I have no clue. Everyone tries to give you advice and so far everything has been great advice but there is so much of it I don't know what to absorb and what to ignore. There are somethings I want to do similar with Makenzie because it worked great with her. We did the Babywise method with her to help her get on a schedule for both feeding and sleeping and she did amazing at it. I am planning on breastfeeding, and lucky for me then-- Kenz was a pro. I never had issues with her until she was about 2 months and that's when she got too weak to suck and we had to switch to bottles. I never had clogged ducts or trouble getting milk in. I mean it was a bit challenging at first and it hurt like hell but I really cant complain. I am praying TK is just as good but I am very aware he might not be and I am just trying to make sure I can get as many tips and tricks now if things are a bit harder.

I have been researching all the best creams for nipples, all the best storage ideas... I have been reading up on baby wise again and researching all the best thing to do and not to do when baby is sleeping. I have been debating on whether to have him just start out in the crib, like Makenzie, in his own room or if I should start him in a bassinet in our room. I am looking into swaddling and not swaddling. I am looking into what all those different types of crys mean. I am trying to figure out if those white noise machines are really worth it or if I should just have him sleep with music or no music at all.

Man oh man its overwhelming. I am telling you right now I was not this overwhelmed with Makenzie. I think I had the whole--- Oh how hard can it be, nothing bad will actually happen mentality. With this one I know all babies are different and he could be totally opposite from Kenzie but I am not feeling confident that I know anything. I feel like I'm starting over. Its been almost 3 years since I was a Mom. Since I had any of those kinds of responsibilities and that scares the crap out of me. I know it will work out and I will do my best but I still want to be as prepared as possible.

SO... I would like to ask for all your tips, tricks, must haves and donts.
Please be nice about it. Everyone is different and what works for you might not work for others and that's okay. but I thought it would be fun to get your lists. Do you have a favorite product for nursing, diapering, binkies, clothes, blankets, etc... that you swear by? Do you have a secret diaper cream that is amazing? Do you have advice on what to do if I do get those clogged milk ducts? I am up for any and all advice.
I would then love to keep this updated as I start trying and testing these tips. I would love to help another other mum out there that might have some similar frustrations. and I bet with your tips now there will be some others out there that could use a little advice as well.
So please help us all out. I cant wait to hear what you have to say!

To get the ball rolling... Here is my PREGNANCY list.
- Those huge maternity pillows are life changing. They offer support in all the right areas and have totally helped all my back pains.
- When I get nauseous lemon things usually always help me feel better. I started this at the beginning and it really helped and its continued to help lately.
- I don't think those special anti-stretch mark lotions make much of a difference. I used them religiously with Makenzie and I got a TON of stretch marks. With this one I would put all that stuff on in the beginning but then the smells started making me ill so I stopped and just put on regular yummy smelling bath and body works stuff and I honestly haven't got a single new stretch mark and you can only see a few that are from Makenzie so they have faded.
- Don't beat yourself up because you eat something you maybe shouldn't have. Like a few too many cookies or donuts. Life will go on.
- Indulge in your cravings. Mine luckily have been more dairy stuff. Like milk and yogurt. I have read several places that when you get cravings like that its your body's way of telling you that you need more of that. Now I don't think you should go over the top when you are craving potato chips-- maybe eat a few of those but try to eat something else that is starchy but has more nutritional value.
- Long shirts or tunic type dresses with a pair of leggings are the best thing for a growing belly. and you don't need to buy maternity so you can wear all of that stuff after baby comes.

So that's just my pregnancy list.
Now its your turn.


summergibbs said...

Dr. Brown's bottles
Butt Paste for diaper rash
Mylicon drops for colic
Ergo baby carrier
Adan + Anis muslin swaddling blankets

Unknown said...


You said it yourself in your blog. Every baby is different. I think reading all of the books and hearing advice from everyone makes it that much more overwhelming. TK will definately tell you wheather he likes the way things are being done or not. There is no right or wrong way to do things, there is only the baby's way. Don't worry, easier said than done I know, but things will work out exactly the way they are supposed to. This probably is not exactly the "advise" you were looking for but I hope it helps ease some of your stresses!

Ashley said...

You don't know me but I follow your blog! The best diaper rash cream I found worked with my 2 kids was Triple Paste. that is also what my pediatrician recommended. I absolutely love my rock and play sleeper. It is kind of like a bassinet but it is on an incline so it keeps the babies head elevated. It folds up flat so it is easy to take for overnight stays! I used this till my baby was about 9 months old. (it has a buckle so you can strap them in)!! Hope this helps! Congrats and good luck!

The Jeffries said...

Don't get discouraged if new baby boy doesn't take to Babywise. I tried it and it always seemed a little weird to "exercise" a 6-week old after "feeding"…all she wanted to do was sleep, then she would wake up and it was tummy-time.

Babywearing: I got a lot out of "Happiest Baby on the Block" especially during my daughter's colic phase - I love the notion of the 4th trimester. These new people are used to being in our tummies, they just want to be close and warm and feel our skin the first couple months - don't worry you won't create a dependant kid. I wore my baby girl in a Moby wrap and then an Ergo for the first 4 months and now at 18 months all she wants to do is run and play with other kids.

Breastfeeding: Even if it gets discouraging, keep at it and find a support group - you can always send me a message and I can get answers if you have any questions like your plugged ducts. I belong to free support groups in my area that have LLCs, RNs and Mid-wives at the ready for advice. It is the best for our babies!

Aden & Anais: Love, love love these blankets and lovies, expensive, but worth every penny - Great for swaddling and just having handy. My daughter now wraps it around her like a shawl and says "blankie!"

NoseFrida: Look it up - you'll think "Ew!" but it's fantastic and better than the bulb thing. During a cold, you can get the boogies out and get some sleep during the night.

Last piece of advice: only take the advice that makes sense to you. We have instincts and you know how strong they are when you are a mother, listen to them. You're going to do great! You are already a fantastic mama.

The Pachuilo Family said...

One advice I have with breast feeding and sore nipples is to express some milk after your done nursing. Rub it onto you sore and cracked nipples and then let it air dry. No creams, lotions or gels have worked for me. The baby usually doesn't like the taste and it takes longer for them to latch on. Plus most of the time, I ended up wiping it off and then latching them back on. The thing I love about using your own milk is that its free and the baby doesn't have a hard time latching on with all the cream.
I learned this from a nurse when I had my second baby because nursing was much more painful the second time then the first.
Good Luck!

The Pachuilo Family said...

Kendra- One tip I learned that helped me was using your own breast milk for sore or cracked nipples. All you do is express some milk after your done nursing and rub it all over your nipples and let it air dry. Your boobs are out anyways and it feels kinds silly to sit there with your boobs out, but it works. I have tried the creme's, the gels and lotions but my babies never liked them. It was always hard for me to get them to latch on. I would have to wipe it off for them to latch on to me.
I learned this tip for an amazing nurse of mine during my second child. I was in a lot of pain nursing my second baby than I was with my first.
Good Luck! :)

Auntie EM said...

Being an old pro grandma, I don't have too much to add but here's a few things that worked for me with Trent and now for Braxton:
Buttpaste is amazing for diaper rash; Don't have babies sleep in complete silence - they can get used to sleeping with noise, white noise, music, or whatever; what works for one baby is a disaster for another so take it a day at a time to see what works; boys seem to eat non-stop so hopefully T will have a great appetite; don't wear yourself out trying to do "IT" all -sleep when the baby sleeps and don't feel guilty if the laundry isn't done and dinner isn't on the table when Ryan gets home - he'll understand; don't compare your baby to any one else's baby; Trent loved the bassinette - Braxton hated it so try whatever (crib or cradle) and switch if it doesn't work - at least try the cradle/bassinette for six weeks or so; both my son & grandson break out into a sweat if they were bundled like it is the north pole (ask your MIL about poor little baby Trent)so try different blankets or swadling blankets and see what makes the baby the most content; I like to use binkies but some mother's think they are the bane of a baby's existence - try them out and see what happens - Braxton never sucked on a binky much until he was older and now.....can't seem to get it out of his mouth but it soothes him and it will go away someday. As you know I only have the experience of an adoptive mother but I do know that we all manage to figure it out. You've done it before and did a wonderful perfect job with Makenzie. I expect it will be the same with T and he will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his mama and daddy love him to pieces. One last piece of advice from a mother who had only a 24-hour notice to suddenly be a mom, don't overthink things. Most of what you will do will come naturally and easily. Some things will be challenging (when the baby gets night and day mixed up) and frustrating (if you have issues with breast feeding such as your milk won't come in or stops - there are meds for both, I think) but the time goes by so fast so take a deep breath and enjoy each and every minute with your little boy. I can't wait to see him. Love you. Auntie M

Denise said...

My daughter got a horrible case of diaper rash. I treated and treated with the creams (for about a week) which always helped but not this time. I gave in and called the nurse on call number and she gave me the BEST advice. Use Neosporin...it worked like a charm and was gone the next day.

Laura said...

I loved the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler for the car seat. Its stopped my daughter from flopping all around in her seat also the Tommie Tippie pacies are great. We made our own wipes SO simple and oh so affordable. Disposable wash clothes (Amazon) mineral oil and a little water. We used one of those plastic containers (we all have them) to put the wipes in. Not only does it clean them but it creates a barrier to work as a diaper rash preventive & its natural & cheap. :)

caseyp said...

You are so awesome, and I know it will all come back to you in do time.

I used Flanders butt cream for baby bottom. Oh yes def swaddled all three of my children. They loved it.I breast fed but was told my breast were too large ( LOL) So I quit. I didn't play music as I didn't want them to get use to it and not be able to sleep without it.
I had a bassinet in my room, then went to crib in my room. At one point i had 2 cribs in my room with 2 children in them.. AHHHhh way too much.. I def would have done it diff. We had the hardest time getting our children to respect the boundary of our room. A doctor once told me your bed room is your kingdom, and allowing your children to sleep in there gives them a certain kingship/Queenship. They think they are boss. I tell ya I moved them out my room and gave them boundaries and it made all the difference in discipline. I also did the cry it out thing as they got older as in bed time routine.. Hope this helps a bit

Chantel said...

The Nose Frieda. I read about it on a blog and bought it on Amazon. It's like those nose sucker bulbs but 100X better. I can't believe the stuff we've sucked out with it. I only wish I had had it for my girls or even better that I had invented it. Genius!

Ryan,Erika,Kaylee and Khloe Pettersson said...

You are so cute stressing out about doing everything right and have everything ready and perfect. It doesn't matter how long it's been since you had a newborn, every time feels like you forgot how to bathe those ity bitty babies and everything else.
I try to keep things pretty simple. I keep my babies the crib right next to my bed until they are about 6 months old. It give me a peace of mind and it's also much easier to to just reach over at 2 am, pick the babe up and feed him/her when you nurse.
I never used any white noise machines or music lights, because I didn't want to be in trouble if it broke, and I also want the babies to get used sleeping while there is some noise going on so we can still do things when they nap and don't have to tip toe around for couple of hours.
I would also recommend after about a month or so of nursing trying pumping and giving a bottle once a day or so. That way he won't have a hard time when you go on date or have to leave the baby eating out of a bottle. I did it earlier then 4 weeks, after about a week but it's up to you. I also got the breathable crib bumper. After my second daughter was born I was having anxiety and was so stressed out every night so I decided to buy one and it helped me feel more peace. Diaper rash cream... Aquaphor is my favorite by far. It works wonders and although it's a little expensive it lasts for so long and you can use it on anything, not just a rash on a tiny bum. I also swaddle my babies when they go to sleep, but leave it somewhat loose so they can move their hands and arms a little. But you'll see what your baby likes.
I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see pictures of this little guy in couple of weeks. You'll do great, it really just comes naturally and we just know what they need once they are here. You might not feel like you are ready, but who does? You were trusted with this baby and nobody else would be a better mom for him than you will. You are a sweetheart and you'll do great!!!!

Jill said...

This one sounds totally crazy, but I swear by it. I had tons of pain trying to nurse my first, and it took a long time for my nipples to get used to it. So, here is the crazy thing that eliminated cracks, blood blisters, and raw, sore nipples when I nursed my other two babies: a few weeks or a month before the baby comes, use a toothbrush on your nipples every time you shower. It does hurt a little at first, but your nipples will already be calloused when you start nursing, so the transition goes a bit more smoothly.

Good luck!

Smathers House of Girls said...

uddercovers.com always has a promotional code for a free nursing cover. They have cute designs too. The 2 things I use the most with my violet are her bumbo and baby Bjorn. I nursed for the first 6 months and had to have my gall bladder removed when she was 4 months. She would only take a tommy tippee bottle so I guess I would recommend that if you ever had a problem. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My favorite cream for sore or cracked nipples is the Medela brand. (The same one that makes the best breast pumps!) I cannot remember what it is called, but it should be stocked in the same aisle as all of the Medela supplies.

For breast milk storage--I stuck with Medela also. I tried the Lansinol brand (that may be spelled really wrong) but I did not like how the milk froze in them. Yes, Medela is more expensive, but that is what worked for me.

I never have used a bassinet for any of my kids. I learned that if I could get them sleeping in their crib by 4 months it was smooth sailing after that. (but each child is different)

Also, one thing I learned with my last baby was that if you have extra newborn sized diapers (take maybe 5) and get them wet with water, then freeze them! These work SO darn well for ice packs when you become engorged or sore. The nurses in the hospital actually recommended this.

I hope these tips help!

Jennifer DeGraw said...

i wish i would have asked these questions! i had so much "stuff" that was wasted because it was just not necessary. i tried breastfeeding my daughter but she would just not go for it at all so i pumped untill my milk supply just kind of stopped and they switched to formula, which was kind of a nightmare... 3 formulas later we found what worked for her. i swear by Huggies diapers and wipes (sensitive skin wipes only). i found that pampers she would pee or poop right thru (only my personal preference). we started out using buttpaste but found that going to the drug store and asking for Calmoseptine (over the coutner cream in the pharmacy) worked so much better and would clear up any type of rash almost immediately worked SO much better. I swear by Carter's and Gymboree clothes (only by when they are on sale) i find they wash up so so well with no fading or wearing. i know you will figure it all and and once T arrives it will be like second nature for you.

Mommy0710 said...

Hi Kendra! I follow your blog on a daily basis and think of you often! I,too, am pregnant (and we're friends on FB). I would definitely recommend Aden + Anais swaddle blankets! They're light enough to not overheat the baby but can be doubled up to be warm enough. Kind of expensive but well worth it! I used Medela lanolin for nipple cream...the hospital gave it to me and I used it after every time I nursed to prevent cracking! I think the best nursing pads are by Nuk. They're thin and don't make me look like I'm stuffing my bra...especially since boobs fluctuate size by the hour, lol. Both of my kids have used Mam pacifiers and Avent pacifiers. I also used Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion on them (esp their faces) bc it helped prevent baby acne. Aveeno also has a great diaper rash cream. I try to find coupons for everything that I buy! Or use ad matching at places like Wal Mart. Hope these tips help a little!

christywith8 said...

I have seven children and have found my two fav baby things are
#1 a baby wrap I love the Moby wrap it is so comfy but there are many on the market
#2 A bumbo @ about 4 months I found it so helpful that baby can sit up and see you while you cook, clean exc..
Cant wait to see baby T.
prayin for you

Trinity said...

I loved reading baby wise. I truly believe that routine helps baby to sleep better through the night and take longer naps. I swaddled both my boys and it was life changing for us all. Also I love vasoline. It is great for their boy parts after circumcision and it is great for their bums to prevent diaper rash and it helps when you need to wipe away a poopy mess. I also love vasoline the lotion because both my kids have dry skin with excema. It is the only lotion that has helped dramatically along with hydrocortizone cream for the red outbreaks. My boys liked different bottles so I was opened to trying new things and not just using what I used for my first. Nuk binki's are mine and my boys best friend for about the first 18 months. You will do great! You are already a fabulous mom!

Trinity said...

I loved reading baby wise. I truly believe that routine helps baby to sleep better through the night and take longer naps. I swaddled both my boys and it was life changing for us all. Also I love vasoline. It is great for their boy parts after circumcision and it is great for their bums to prevent diaper rash and it helps when you need to wipe away a poopy mess. I also love vasoline the lotion because both my kids have dry skin with excema. It is the only lotion that has helped dramatically along with hydrocortizone cream for the red outbreaks. My boys liked different bottles so I was opened to trying new things and not just using what I used for my first. Nuk binki's are mine and my boys best friend for about the first 18 months. You will do great! You are already a fabulous mom!

Krista said...

I agree ech baby is so different but it's great to have a starting point. My favorites are a white noise machine. I still use it for my two year old. I also love the Bert's Bees diaper cream. Works wonders and smells good too. I actually already have four tubes of it for the quads. I always used pampers for my twins and when my son was about a year I tried the target up & up brand and have never gone back. Half the price and don't sag like pampers did on my son. For bath my favorite shampoo is Baby Magic. Smells so much better than johnson & Johnson. Last I swear by Babywise. Babies and mommies need routine and sleep!

Can't wait to "meet" baby T. Your almost there. I know you feel like a first time mom again but I have a feeling it will all come back to you as soon as you lay your eyes on him. There wil always be anxiety and worry with him but I truly believe that I because you love him so very much.

Kelly2 said...

I believe the Ezzo's Babywise method is unsafe. Your baby, your decision but please do some research into why there are those who consider Babywise unsafe before engaging in those types of practices.

Allie said...

My favorite things have changed with all 3 babies so I will just list my favs from babe #3
- Aden + anais blankets: LOVE them! They sell tons of cute designs online. The target ones are cute too though and a little cheaper
- baby video monitor. Could never figure out why people would spend the money on these...,and then I got one and it is my favorite!
- binkie clips. Didn't like or use them with the first two and are fantastic with the 3rd!

Laura Burkholder said...

Nursing- can be difficult at first but just keep at it. Your baby will eventually become a pro. When my baby was having a hard time latching on I did skin to skin for a while just to calm her down and to calm myself down. It helped and eventually she would latch on. Its all about patience on your end. He will pick up on it as long as you are patient with him.

I really like lansinoh lanolin for sore nipples.

If you get a clogged duct or you have mastitis take a warm shower or bath and massage the area. With mastitis, nurse a ton. That is the only way to get it feeling better. Get the milk flowing through and it should clear up. If its more serious...you may need antibiotics.

Diapering- I prefer a changing pad on a dresser. It takes up less room and it allows you to use your dresser for two uses instead of just for storing clothes.

I use bordreaux butt paste. It works like a charm.

I always keep the dirty diaper under them while I clean them off so it doesn't get on the changing pad. It is of course folded over so the clean side is up.

Binkis- I use a binki and I know babywise says not to, but I say whatever works for you do that. I waited a while to give her a binki but realized nipple confusion really happens only if their is a food source connected to it like a bottle of milk. I would wait to give them a bottle until they are 6 weeks or so. Get them good at nursing first.

Clothes- I always buy clothes that are on the clearance racks. I buy for the previous season. For example...my daughter is almost a year. She is in 12-18 month clothes now, so I will buy summer clothes on clearance racks now that are 18- 24 months for next summer. Then when winter clothes are on sale at the end of the season I will buy for the next winter. It works out well.

I also really like the idea of only having 14 outfits, 7 pairs of pajamas, 7 socks etc. It is less overwhelming to me. I find that it is hard to figure out what I want my baby to wear if I have to many clothes. She also could never wear all the outfits because I had so many. So to save money on clothes and time doing laundrey...I find it easier to have less clothes.

Blankets- I prefer the halo swaddlers if you opt to swaddle your baby. I also love the halo sleep sacks and feel safer putting my baby to sleep in them. I like the reassurance that nothing is going to get in her face and smother her. I never put loose blankets or items in with her when she is sleeping. It worries me.

Also if you are worried about SIDS...and want to be able to get a good nights rest not worring about your baby, I recommend the Snuza by halo. It attaches to their diaper and if they stop breathing for 15 seconds it will vibrate and try to awake them. Then it will sound an alarm if their stomach is not going up and down after that. I just know so many moms worry about this and so I wanted to share. Just be aware though that sometimes if it is not touching their skin, it will go off. It did this to me and it scared me, but she was okay. You usually only have to worry about that happening when they wiggle a lot and it moves the snuza away from their skin.

I hope this all helps. I wrote a ton..but I just wanted to share.

I love reading your blog and your such and inspiration to me.


Jared & Shannon said...

My advice is every child is different and you just kind of figure it out as you go along and you will know what is best for him. My only suggestion is instead of buying a noise machine or using music someone told us to just put a tiny fan in their room and turn it on for naps and night time. It has worked like a charm and so easy to take with us if we are spending the night somewhere else.

Annie said...

Ergo carrier
Triple paste diaper cream
California brand of shampoo/wash etc
Babywise with love
Aiden and Anias swaddling blankets
Even better than ^ = Carters blankets

Keeping baby in your room, the closest to you that you are comfortable with (whether that means in a bassinet or bed-sharing) reduces SIDS. Babies thrive on being near momma- your scent, your heart beat, etc.

Don't give up on breast feeding! Join support groups, get lactation appts if you need, but don't give up! Find and join breastfeeding groups via fb, and 'natural parenting' groups- they are a fantastic resource for bf questions, etc.

Most of all, trust your instincts, your momma intuition, and your heart. Do what feels best for you and your family. The dynamics of each family and lifestyle is different...discover, learn, make mistakes, and keep moving forward in learning what works for you and your baby and family.

Much love. You will be awesome momma!

Seeing Each Day said...

Just want to second the comment made above by the lady from the pachilio family - rubbing a small amount of expressed milk on your nipples and letting them dry ( as in don't cover up with clothes straight away) made a HUGE difference to me with my second baby. They still got ever so slightly cracked but healed so quickly and was nothing like the state of my breasts with my first.

Halley said...

You are an awesome mother so I am totally sure it will come back naturally (although with your neices and nephews I am not sure it ever left!). When I was preggo, I researched for hours on the best and most practical items that every mom needed! I would have loved to ask questions and get feedback like this! Of course these items worked for me, but they might not for you! So search around until something works!!

- I only pumped milk for my son (because he was born tounge tied and got it fixed at 3 weeks old but he could not latch on). I loved loved loved the medela breast pump and medela freezer bags. I got into the habit of pumping on his off-feeding hour. So if he ate at 8am, I would pump at 9am, and he would eat again at 10am, etc. It worked perfectly! You never really get a break but it was nice he wasn't freaking out for food when I was trying to pump it.

- I swear by dr browns bottles! They were wonderful and easy to clean!!

- My son slept in a bassinet next to our bed and then moved very easily into a crib at 2 1/2 months. I liked having him by my side but not IN bed with me!

-Not sure if you have carseat and stroller yet (which you probably do) but I LOVED chicco brand! Everyone I talk to loves theirs also!

- I swaddled with the pre-made swaddlers at babies r us. They make thick fleece ones (which was nice because my son was born in december) and they make thin ones! They have velcro and make it super easy to use!!

- We use a white noise machine every single night in my sons room. In fact, if we are out and about and dont have one near, we have an app on our iphone that does white noise. It was free and its called "sleep...eLite". Its perfect to just set next to him in the stroller while he is sleeping.

Sorry this is so long! I read your blog daily and cant wait to see TK!

Auntie EM said...

Hi again. I thought of another great baby tool that my kids used on Braxton. When he would get a cold, they use this little battery operated nose sucker. It plays music and you can see what yucky stuff has been sucked out. Little Braxton tested positive for RSV when he was about 9 months old. The doctor was amazed that he was doing so well. When they told the doctor what they were doing (sucking the yucky stuff out and leapfrogging ibuprophen and tylenol), the doctor said it saved them from having a baby that needed to be hospitalized. Love ya Auntie M

Jessica said...

I didn't read all the comments above, so I apologize if I repeat something. For both our kids I loved the Ergo carrier...super kind to your back. I also love the Bob Stroller. We have a double one now and its the best. Desitin Max strength is the only thing that cures diaper rash for my kids. When he gets to eat baby foods, Baby Gourmet packages are the best! You can take them anywhere and they come in all kinds of yummy, organic flavors.

Our Family said...

Tip 1 and by far the MOST IMPORTANT - Relax and enjoy your sweet new bundle :) I 100% believe babies can sense your mood. My first was a nervous wreck and I think it was because I was a nervous wreck! I was always scared I'd do something wrong or hurt him!
Swaddle - baby will love the tightness - I use Aden + Anais blankets - put your smell on them and he will love them!
Google Tri Cotti wrap for baby wearing. Didn't have it with my first and with number 2 and now number 3 it is a miracle when baby is fussy! They love the closeness and tightness of this wrap. Machine washable. Our baby naps on me because he will sleep longer and better. With this wrap I have my hands free.
I baby wear because the paci and swaddling are gone this way :) baby feels close and safe and I can see/hear/feel baby all the time! If only they would invent a baby wearing product for when mom needs a shower....
At the hospital "borrow" :) a few extra (like 10!!!) of those nose suckers...you never can find ones that are that good!
Aquaphor - I put all over baby!
Butt Paste
Lotion from Target - Shea Moisture organic raw Shea camomile and Argan oil baby healing lotion
When baby is OLDER (bottle says 12 months...I've only used 2+) Zarbees all natural cough syrup - contains HONEY -
Little hand mits at first incase baby scratches himself
Little noses saline drops or saline mist for that first little unexpected cold/congestion.
Bottle of baby Tylenol (they all say ages 2-3 now but our pedi told us the smallest dose for infants)
Baby Vicks
Costco baby wipes
See Kai Run shoes
Little Maven brand clothes
Mini Boden brand clothes
Hanna Andersson brand clothes
Next brand clothes
Book that newborn photo session for when baby is about 1-2 weeks old. Suck it up and go! You won't regret it! Sweetest little pics ever! I didn't with my newest (3 months) and I wish I had :(
Hopefully one of my favorites becomes one of yours!! Good luck mama and try not to stress! Just enjoy your new little blessing and savor the moments :) he is a blessing! Sweet little blessing!!!

Chantel said...

I thought of something else... The Flying Falcon. It's a strap that attaches to the infant carrier so that you can carrier the car seat over your shoulder. It has been a lifesaver. Every where I go, people ask where I got it. I wish I had invented the thing. It makes it so I have an extra hand, since I'm usually carrying in my 8 month old, three year old (don't get me started as to why the kid can't walk herself in, drama queen)and the diaper bag plus who knows what else. LIFESAVER!!!


Brian and Rebecca Nate said...

I'm a little late on this but the Fisher Price Bassinet Rocker is the best thing out there. Baby can sleep in her/his own little space and yet be next to you. I kept my baby in it in my room for the first month, then moved her to her own room for the next 6 months. The best thing is that if you travel, you just pack it up and bring it. I got my SIL one for her new baby and she loves it too. They really are the best.

Unknown said...

I would never, ever have thought of this if a nurse hadn't showed it to me first.

When bathing, don't just leave baby neekid and freezing in the baby bathers. Cover him with a warm, wet wash cloth so he a) won't freeze and b) won't be upset and unhappy. LOVE this tip, because I'm just too dumb to think of it on my own and would have left my teeny newbie out in the cold, literally. :) You're going to be awesome!

lhhadley said...

I am a mother of 3 boys. I have found that huggies worked the best for boys. Butt paste for diaper rash.

I think bassinets and cradles are a waste because they only fit in them for a short time. I used a pack n play next to my bed for the first couple of months. They are great to take anywhere for baby to sleep in too...vacations or cabins.

I would book a photo shoot now for T for newborn pictures. I wish I would have for all my boys.

Sleep when the baby is sleeping and those middle of the night feedings will be more bearable.

Cleaning and laundry can wait. Just enjoy your little guy. They grow up so fast:)

You are already an awesome mom and everything will come and you will know what is right for you and your family. Good luck!

Mikaela said...

Put a towel in the dryer right before or while you bathe baby T so you can wrap him up in it afterwards to keep him warm and soothed. Worked like a charm for my babies who both hated baths as newborns!

Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

One of my favorite topics! For boys, pampers diapers work the best. Huggies are no bueno, unless you like changing the baby's outfit every few hours :) There is this diaper cream called Fanny Cream. You can get it from pharmacies, and it is OTC. They might have to mix it up for you. By far, the BEST diaper rash cream I have ever used. My son had thrush, which caused him to have a yeast infection, and things like butt paste don't work on those. It cleared it up in a day. When I was in the hospital, the lactation lady gave me these gel things for breast feeding and they felt so good, and really soothed sore nipples.
Definitely get an activity center, all baby' I've seen love them. I also like the adin and anaias swaddle blankets. I recommend getting a baby carrier, but I really liked the moby wrap. I made my own, because it' basically just 5 yards of jersey knit, cut into a 20 inch width. I got the fabric on fabric.com for 10$. I really like sophie the giraffe for teething. Sensible Milk trays are the best freezing method I've found. They are designed for breast milk, and freeze in 1-oz portions. Jack also LOVES hi Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes. It's like 9$, and one of my best purchases :)


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