Thursday, August 23, 2012


and its gone.
remember how we sold our last truck last year because it was all brand new and rather spendy and we were trying to cut back in order to prepare for a family. knowing no matter what we did it would involve a lot of money and we needed to rearrange our priorities.
well we sold the other truck- shed a few tears when we said goodbye- and found this much older but did the job truck. the monthly payment was a fraction of what the last one was so we thought this would be perfect and we could get it payed off quick. well one thing after another kept coming up and after months we were not seeing any benefit of selling the new truck and buying the old truck. 
there was one problem after another.
thousands were dumped into this thing.
i was so upset. i thought we were doing the right thing but then it didn't feel like it.
after a few long months and one problem after another. everything got fixed.
well we ended up liking the dang thing for a while. and it ended up being the right move.
thank god.
but now the right move is to sell it.
we thought about it long and hard. kind of drug our feet listing it, mainly because we just didn't know if this was the best thing to do once again.
but the day we listed it. it sold.
and i kind of took that as a good sign.
we are down to 1 car for a bit. not long. and another truck will be parked in our drive.
we were actually not sad one bit to see it go.
it was good for the time being but we are happy to move on. 
the one thing i am extra happy about- the new truck has 4 doors and doesn't have a 6" lift so getting a baby seat in and out will not be near as difficult. 

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