Monday, August 6, 2012


Sooo... I am realizing its August!!!
AUGUST people. That means only 4 more months to collect all those leggings to donate to Primary Children's Hospital. I have received a couple packages since I last counted so I don't know the exact number but I believe we are right around 250 pairs of leggings. That is great. BUT my goal is to collect 2000! I might be a little out there to think we can collect that many but I believe in you. I know how incredibly generous all of you are. Please talk to your church groups, talk to your family and friends... Talk to anyone would can help this amazing cause. The hospital LOVES these leggings and they go through them fast. The kids are obsessed. We will be taking up all donations December 13th but I want to have everything collected by November 15th. That will give me enough time to package each and every pair. They are so easy to make. or buy. or you can buy a cookbook and all money will go toward the leggings and you will get an amazing cookbook in exchange. Seriously people there are so many ways to help. We need donations whether it be the leggings themselves or money to buy the leggings. Please help if you can. Please pass the word along. We don't have a lot of time left.
I know you are all anxious to buy baby T a gift ;)
but instead of buying him something-- buy a pair of socks or leggings and donate them to PCMC. I promise baby T would like that much better than anything else in this world. Its in honor of his big sis after all :)

If you have leggings to send me please email me ( and ill give you the shipping address...
If you want to buy a cookbook you can order one (or more...) on the right side of my blog.
If you have no clue what I am talking about and want to learn more about the leggings-- visit the LEGGINGS tab at the top of my blog... and then donate a pair of leggings :)
You are helping so many kids. Kids from all over the country.

Thank you to everyone that has donated. You are making a difference and there will soon be a little muffin with your pair of leggings on their arms or legs staying warm!

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Unknown said...

Do you know of a video, or would it be possible for you to make one showing how to make them. For some reason I am having trouble, I can't figure it out from the instructions.


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