Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Shower

I have the best family in the world.
My Mom and sister Lisa threw me the most amazing shower.
The decor was adorable, the games were not super cheesy, the food was amazing and it was the perfect evening to celebrate the little man that is on his way.
Theme--- BOY :)
Food--- Chicken sandwiches, fruit, chips and salsa.
Dessert--- Cupcakes that tasted like pieces of heaven
Guests--- My most favorite people in the world
Game--- The safety pin game and guess how many candies in the bottle.

This was the sign in sheet. Everyone put their finger print and wrote their name next to it on the tree.
So dang cute.

I loved what everyone wrote on these. I could have cried a few times.

The thank you boxes. Full of candy. People the details were ridiculous, my sis and mum are amazing.

My sister is not only the craftiest person alive but is also the most amazing baker.
I almost died with each of these mini cupcakes.
The Flavors
Chocolate with mint frosting
Pumpkin chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting
Pink lemonade with vanilla frosting
Vanilla with creme frosting
Orange creme with orange frosting
I got a little sick off the mass amount that I consumed that evening.

- That same sister that is so crafty and a great baker... She made this diaper bag. and its totally customized for everything I use. I LOVE it! -

We got some amazing things. A lot of CAMO. What else!

- These trickers. Misty told me she couldn't make it for weeks before. I was so sad but knew she had a lot going on so understood. All of the sudden I hear a familiar voice and look who showed up! DiAnn, Misty and Keelie. My heart skipped a few beats. It was such a wonderful surprise -

So thankful for all my amazing family and friends that came.
I love them all so much and it was so nice to have them all there.

and of course its no party in this family without sending all of our balloons to Makenzie.

It was such a great night and I feel so blessed for everything everyone gave us and all the love they showed. This little boy is already so wanted and loved. None of us can wait to see his little face.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a really great time! And those cupcakes! WOW, I would LOVE to have one of those orange cream ones! Yum!

Joeylee said...

Everything turned out great. Those cupcakes look so good. I love that diaper bag

Ashley Quarles said...

You are too dang cute!!!! You do not look like you are 34 weeks prego!! I can't wait to see the finished nursery - we've got the cowboy sign hanging up over Erik's shelf!

Smathers House of Girls said...

I am completely and totally in love with that diaper bag. It's amazing and I love it. I've been reading your blog for a while but never knew whether it would be creepy for a stranger to leave a comment. So, sorry if I'm creepy! Your shower looked awesome!

AJ and Cindy said...

your shower looks amazing! and those cupcakes! I am craving them just by looking at them :) what a fun day, and I love how you released the balloons!

brigette said...

I had a great time thanks for the invite! Your family is sure amazing at planning parties!!


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