Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Shower

Ryan's amazing sister Brooke gave me the best baby shower!
I am seriously so lucky to be apart of this family. They are the most supportive and loving people. 
She had the most adorable decorations. It was cowboy themed- of course. 
She had amazing food. I think ill forever crave that chicken. 
The dessert was the absolute best.
The details throughout the house was overloaded with cuteness.
Lots of family and friends came to celebrate.
We had a great time and its just left me more anxious for this little boy to get here.

I had the best time.
I got a lot of adorable things.
This boy is just reminded once again how much he is loved.

Every party ends with a little love sent to our Kenzie.
Its expected.
Its a favorite.
No one seems to care that we don't save balloons.
It always brings the biggest smile to my heart.
Seeing how much love our family loves that girl.
and knowing how much they will love this boy.
We are so lucky.


Trinity said...

I love that you send balloons to your sweet Kenzie. Your shower was absolutely adorable and you look fabulous. Can't wait to see your little guy make his big debut on here.

Anonymous said...

I love that cowboy boot onesie! So adorable! Kendra, your hair looks great! Do you have to spend a lot of time fixing it that way, or are you one of those lucky ladies who can just pull it up and it looks fabulous?

caseyp said...

Wow!! Kendra your pregnancy glow is beautiful. Not much longer your arms will be full with Mr.T!!!!!

Auntie EM said...

Sweeeet!! Sorry I was late but better late than never. I love you.

Paige said...

i loved my baby shower. that's when it REALLY hit me that i was REALLY having a baby :)

Kendra L. said...

You look so beautiful!!!

Kendra L. said...

You look seriously gorgeous...and I think you're glowing!

Alesha said...

Both of your showers have been so stinkin cute. You also look great! So excited for you two and the lil man!

Mandy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful shower!! The decorations were so cute and I LOVE his sweet little appliqued onesies to go with your theme!! You looked beautiful and I know you can't wait to meet your sweet little man!! Not much longer now!

Shanna said...

You look beautiful! I'm once again so amazed by how graceful you manage to make pregnancy! I have been following this new adventure of yours and I'm so excited for you :) I look forward to your posts and can't wait for this little guy to get here!!

Emma said...

What a special way to spend the day-sharing in the excitement of the arrival of your sweet, precious little boy!! I'm so thankful you have such a wonderful, supportive group of family and friends. Such a blessing!
The shower looked lovely and all the cowboy themed items were adorable. This little boy is going to be the most loved, luckiest little boy around!!
Love and hugs, Em

letty said...

Awww Kendra, you are a beautiful pregnant mummy:) I can't wait to see pics of that very lucky little baby boy!! Enjoy these last moments of being pregnant, I had my last baby a little over a year ago and I miss it so much:( but god has blessed me just as he has blessed you.

Ashley Quarles said...

Looks like you had a great shower. And just so you know - you look amazing!!!!

Brianne said...

That cowboy thing is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Omgosh. I cannot WAIT to see pictures of this dashing little cowboy. And your baby shower hair is adorable! Dang. I hope I'll look half that good when I get pregnant.


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