Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cookbooks and Leggings

I have so many things to post about.  I have really been lost in space the last little while.
I have had so much going on that I cant even think straight.

Well I had to get a little update about some important things coming up.

If you remember we collected over 1800 pairs of leggings last year to donate to the Children's hospital on December 13th in honor of Makenzie.  Well I have really dropped the ball this year.  I knew I was still going to do this so within my immediate family I have made sure everyone remembers to be collecting leggings but aside form that and a few posts here and there I haven't really been on top of this.  Well I wanted to give a little update and let everyone know I am collecting leggings through the month of November.  If you live in different state or country and would like to donate to your local Children's hospital I only ask you to attach the little story we created to be attached with each pair of leggings.  You can email me for that story-- livingformrw@hotmail.com.  I would love if you could maybe send me a count for the amount you donate and some pictures of you take any so I can post them on here.
If you have any you would like to send to me please email me for my address!  I have had a few amazinggg people send me some leggings that I am just sooo excited to take up there.  I know all of those kids at the hospital love them and appreciate them immensely.
UPDATE: Click on the LEGGINGS link to see details on what kinds of socks, leggings we donate!!!

So I have seen the draft of the cookbook and its amazing! ahh.  You all are amazing cooks and I cant wait to get my copy so I can start cooking away.  The desserts are what is simply out of this world. Some of those recipes make my mouth water just reading the directions.  A new dear friend of mine designed the cover of the book and I love it.  I wanted something simple but really had NO idea what to have it look like.  Oh it turned out perfect.  Its so darling and I cant wait to see the whole book put together.  They are in production of getting it printed and I will have all my copies no later than November 21st.  I will be very busy the following days getting all the pre-orders out right away.  You can still pre-order your cookbook anytime.  If you have any questions send me an email anytime!
Thank You so much to everyone who has already ordered.  Ryan and I are so blessed to have so many people support us and help us on our journey to a family.


Emma said...

I am so excited about the cookbooks and love that ordering them gives us,especially those of us that live too far away to help out daily with support/hugs etc. a way to help out-even just a little!! I hope you are having a good week and that you had fun over the weekend doing some Halloween-y events! Love Em

Laura said...

Question on the leggings? What size any size or newborn? What type, like the "baby legs" brand that are 2 separate leggings or ones that go up to their waist? Thanks

Aimee Sue said...

I would love to make and send some leggings to you. I make them all the time for my little one. She was in the hospital a couple times last year and her leggings made things so much easier. If you could email me your address I will try to get them in the mail this next week. My email address is ARWalker1981@yahoo.com


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