Friday, November 4, 2011


What a night.
Random dreams. Restless dog. Too hot. Too cold.

Good thing I have COFFEE!
Thank you so so much for my COFFEE!
Its the first thing that puts a smile on my face every morning.
We are just a little obsessed with Korean coffee.  We get it from the Asian market. My brother got me on the stuff. It is SO good! I usually have to sugar up my coffee but not this stuff.  It tastes that good.
and I am so thankful for this time of year because I am also obsessed with my pumpkin spice coffee and coffee creamer. Oh its heaven.

I am loving everyone elses THANKFUL lists.  Its so true that we are all sooo blessed and have so much GOOD in life.


brigette said...

Love this!! Thanks for keeping me motivated! I am starting mine today!! Come check it out! I miss your sweet comments on my blog :) Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Thankful for you and Ryan, Kenzie, all my nieces and nephews and their cute kids. Thankful for T & C & B, my kids who have made life worth living again. Thankful for my sisters, M, M, B & C. Would not have made it this far without them. Thankful for my job (most of the time - LOL) Thankful for wonderful friends and neighbors. Thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my true foundation. Thankful for those who made me who I am, my parents, my dad Arvel, and most of all Richard, the love of my life and the best friend a girl could ever have. Thank you Kendra for reminding us that there are so many wonderful things (the beauty of the world, the conveniences of life, modern electronics, simple pleasures, etc) to be thankful for. Yes, we all have our challenges, heartaches, troubles, and hardships but there are still plenty of things to be thankful for. Love ya Auntie M

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Mormons drank coffee?

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I can't understand why blog readers of Kendra's blog keep saying stuff like that. She has never said she was or wasn't a Mormon, she has never talked about her religion at all that I can recall. Besides that, what does it matter? Each and every one of us has choices to make. We have to weigh all our choices with our belief system. If you do not like this blog, then stay off it and keep your comments to yourself. Kendra and Ryan are wonderful young people who were dealt a bitter difficult hand when they lost their adorable beautiful daughter. We that know them, love them for who they are. We don't judge them or care what kind of things they do because what they are doing to honor their daughter show the type of people they are - caring, good, heartbroken, trying to heal, giving, in love, young, hopeful, faithful and trusting in God. That is all anyone needs to know. That they are wonderful people. That is all any of us need to know and not judge their personal likes/dislikes, habits, etc. I love you Kendra and Ryan. Please know that for the most part, people are very kind and most of those who read your blog love you and admire you. The others? Well, pay them no mind, OK. Love ya Auntie M

Anonymous said...

Why so defensive? It wasn't meant as an insult, it was just a simple question, no harm intended; you don't have to get so touchy! Geez!


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