Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oh how I love this time of year.  It makes me realize how blessed I am to have such amazing family and friends.  I have had a bad case of the "poor me" syndrome so I need to get my head out of the ground and remember all the GOOD in my life.  I will come up with something everyday but I am not going to say ill be blogging what that is everyday this month because we all know that will not happen.
The obvious things I'm grateful for is Ryan and Makenzie so I have decided my list has to be the things I don't recognize everyday and the things I forget to thank God for.

Day 1...
I am so thankful for hot water.  I seriously cant get over what life would be without a hot bath after a hard day.  I love my baths and the hotter the water the better.

Are you making a list like this?  Make sure you let me know so I can see all the things your grateful for.


Alesha said...

YA totally need to do this too...Too much poor me over here too! :)

Anonymous said...

What if you get pregnant by Ryan while in between trying the donor sperm... how will you know until the baby is born if it's not really his bio baby, or even after if you picked a donor that favors him...

hmm... what a thought!

Unknown said...

Sorry Kendra, I never blast other commenters on someone's blog, but I've been here with you for almost two years and I couldn't stop myself. Whoever the above posted anonymous-are you a complete idiot? What were you thinking to ask such a profoundly inappropriate and dumb question? Don't ever bother her any more, or we'll ALL get on your case!!
My prayers are still with you Ryan and Kendra! Hugs!

The Lawrences said...

I've started this on my blog too! I even made a button to go along with it! It's nice to remember the things you have and are thankful for!

Robin said...

LOL Kendra, I agree about the hotter the bath, the better! I love your idea about a being thankful list! Maybe I will try it too!

Julie said...

My husband HATES taking showers after me because he can't stand it do hot! We're trying to write down what we're grateful for each day and put the slips of paper into an apothecary jar. I think they'll be fun to read each others and to read them in years to come. (though my husband already hasn't done his first one!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Alissa,

Perhaps the way I phrased it was inappropriate, as I was typing whilst bouncing my littlon on my knee and trying to wrangle my three year old so I could comb her hair.. but it's actually a legitimate and NOT a dumb question nor inappropriate one, so calm your anger my dear. If you are open enough to share this aspect of your life on a public blog, I'm sure you are prepared for inquisitive queries by your readership.

I conceived both of my wee ones using donor sperm and this is how i happened across her blog by searching for more stores like my own. Only difference is, since I was in a lesbian relationship I had no fear of accidentally becoming pregnant by my partner whilst trying to conceive with the donor.

I would think one would certainly be concerned about this possibility, especially being that genetically they could have a medically fragile child again. But could also accidentally conceive a biologically healthy child as well.

When trying this route in a hetero relationship that undoubtedly involved an intimate relationship between the two partners, one has to wonder how they would avoid such a thing happening, because even to avoid copulation during ovulation's window doesn't guarantee that a pregnancy can't result!

So, Alissa, I'd ask you to consider that perhaps the question is real, and not all that personal in the grand scheme of sharing your journey with conception via the "non-traditional" method.

had I been a blogger during my relationship with my former partner I would certainly welcome the curious questions about our methods of conception.

(We actually inseminated ourselves, using the donor samples that we ordered at home, and became pregnant both times on the first go round, personally I was much more comfortable for my partner to do the job and it felt more "natural" for us that way - and it was a tad cheaper, for the laughs)

Thanks you.

Kendra, didn't intend to offend, although I suppose I may have.

I tend to be very direct in thought and have been accused of being awfull brash at times. However, I disagree entirely with your "friend" here saying it was an idiotic query. I am genuinelly curious if you've given consideration to that possibility!

I for one think it would be awesome if you accidentally conceieve bio and healthy on the third pregnancy. but I also wish you much success with this round this month with the donor. i know you just want to mother again more than anything.

accept my apology for the way my comment may have come off?

Anyhow, I am off to tend to my littlon's again.

Love, no ill intent meant.

from Jakarta, Indonesia

Ashley Quarles said...

I'm making a list too!!! I'd love for you to check it out!


brigette said...

Great idea Kendra!! I also need to do this list.. to often I think on the bad but really need to remember all of the good. Thanks for the idea!

Olivia said...

I'm making a list too that I am going to try really hard to update everyday! If I don't get on everyday then I will just make a note and fill it in when I get on :)


Kim Sheely said...

I started doing this too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mindee said...

Ive made my list! Thanks for the great idea...it really makes you think. I love your posts about being thankful. Your such a lovely person, kendra. Keep your wonderful posts comin!



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