Monday, November 14, 2011

Kenzie Day #23

Kenzie Day #23 = Family Dinner
Green Salad
Fruit Salad
It was a feast.
Only 1 month from now and it will mark 2 years since our Makenzie returned to heaven.

I will say it again and again. We are so lucky to have the family we have.
The endless love they give is just incredible.
Kenzie Day is always full of laughs, smiles, playing and love.
I am so honored that because of my daughter, I get to be apart of these days.
Ms. Kenzie--- I hope you can see the endless amount of love you have.

The goal of this Kenzie Day was to get together for dinner and talk about the idea Ryan and I had.
Since we are sooo blessed and have so much in our lives we decided we wanted to find a couple families we could give a Christmas to.  We don't care who they are we just want to help.  We have some ideas to get some older couples who could really just use a little pick me up as well as some families who wont have a Christmas this year.  So last night we did some brain storming.  We talked about what we could do and when we needed to get things done by.  We have a few people in mind but we need to find out a little more about them.  I am so excited to do this.  Last year when we were so graciously given Makenzie's Festival of Tree we decided to donate our other tree to a family as well as giving gifts for them to put under it.  It was soooo great to drop that tree and gifts off... run away and know that family might have a little better Christmas.  If any of you are interested in helping let me know.  Depending on the amount of support I would love to do SEVERAL families.
I pray we can make this holiday season amazing for someone else.

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Anonymous said...

Remember that the LOVE never ends. Christmas has a way of reminding us of the Savior's love and how it can help us feel joy and peace when we give to or help others. There is really nothing I can say that can help with the missing, the heartache, and the wanting BUT....please know we all love you and Ryan so much - I hope that helps a little. You have a lot of compassion, Kendra, and a giant heart. You have shown us that in spite of difficulties, we can all do better, we can all help others who are having difficulties, we can all look outside ourselves to do whatever we can to help ease someone elses burdens. I hope knowing you are loved helps ease your burdens just a little. I miss your Little Miss. I think of her often. I think of all those who who are watching us from heaven. I know they still love us and hope for us to have a good life. I miss them!! Hang in there my sweet friend and remember YOU ARE LOVED!! Auntie M


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