Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I cant believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
I am in serious need of some turkey overload.
I love this time of year.  I am always reminded I can give more, do more and love more. Its never enough.  No matter where I am at in life I don't think there will ever be a time I cant help someone else. Because seriously--- There is always someone who is worse off than you.  If you have ever helped someone you know the feeling you get and there is nothing like it.
I wish everyone in the world would know how truly incredible they are. That they are individually made and made with a purpose. There is not a single being that was a mistake.  I know sometimes the weight of the world can just seem so unbearable. You feel you cant take another step. Maybe you wonder why you are even here. You want to give up. But you just cant. You have to complete your mission. You have to do what you are put here to do because there is no one else to do it. When I help someone else I hope it gives that person a little boost to remind them that the world can be bearable. That you just have to keep going. That no matter how bad it gets- there will be a moment in life you will look back and see why you had to walk that road. To get to where you really want to be. Whether its here on earth or in heaven.  This isn't the end.

I just want to challenge everyone out there to find something, anything, to do for someone else.  No matter how hard this year is. It doesn't matter if you have money or not.  You can give your time. Just give something.

Today I am so so THANKFUL for everyone that has ever given to us.
Whether its a gift to remember Kenzie, a card, a meal, a quote, buying a cookbook, a prayer... You have no idea how it has helped us. We are eternally grateful. so THANK YOU. all of you.

Today I am also THANKFUL for technology... Because how else could I thank each of you? and how else would I have met so many wonderful people? I love my email, my facebook, my blog.

Today I am THANKFUL for the Pilgrims. They gave us Thanksgiving. and I love me some Thanksgiving. Not just because its the day before black Friday... although that is a big part of it. but. because it gives so many people (including me) a reminder to sit down and really see all that we have to be THANKFUL for. and for the food and shopping.

Today I am THANKFUL for both of my jobs and for Ryan's job. Oh I have no idea where we would be without them. and we know that is something so many people unfortunately don't have. I pray things will turn around.

Today I am THANKFUL for so many more things... Lets just make a quick list shall we...
. remote controls
. mirrors
. picture frames
. snapfish
. costco
. reusable grocery bags
. ice cubes
. crock pot cooking
. flash lights
. gum
. blankets
. hammers
. stars
. snow
. the sun
. doctors
. flowers
. air freshener
. toilet paper
. hand soap
. comfy pants
ahh... so much to be THANKFUL for. and could this list be a little more random?

I hope everyone has a wonderful THANKSGIVING tomorrow. Please remember all that you have to be THANKFUL for. Please hug your family. Smile. Laugh. Know there is something greater than us all and HE is so aware of each and everyone of us. Please thank HIM. Eat lots of food. Enjoy yourself. and please find a way to GIVE to someone.


Auntie EM said...

Wise words, my friend. I too have lots to be thankful for: my family, my friends, my nieces and nephews, their little children, my grandson, my job, lip gloss, warm baths, journals, my smart phone, my house, my life.....
I love you and Ryan and Makenzie. She has taught many of us life lessons we will never forget. Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving. See you very soon, ok? Love, Aunt Mary

Chantel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Hope you and your family have a great day!!!

CTownsley said...

I wanted to give/make leggings to our local children's hospital in honor of your precios Mackenzie Rye. I e-mailed you twice, but have yet to hear back. Please e-mail me at with the letter that you would like to accompany the leggings.

Also, thank you so much for your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being so thankful which has made me stop and pause this month and be thankful too. We are so blessed.

God bless you,
Cheri Townsley

Robin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Kendra and Ryan! Have a great day! Thinking of you all and Makenzie today!

Lindsay said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I have one more thing to add to that gratitude list: hot water. I don't like cold showers. :)


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