Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There is so much I am thankful for today...

- That my husband didn't wake me up before he left for work giving me some extra time to sleep in.
- Being able to play with 2 of the cutest nieces in the world most of the day.
- Finding the coupon I have patiently been waiting weeks for so I could buy that Christmas gift for a special someone.
- Starting to get my Christmas shopping done. I love finding the perfect thing for everyone.
- Windex. I love my clean windows.
- When the hubby heytells me throughout the day just to say I love you.
- Daily phone calls with my Mum.
- Purdy fall sunsets.
- Saying Makenzie's name out loud.
 Being able to talk to someone about her is so much better than talking to myself about her in my head.
- Watching Sons of Anarchy with my husband all night long.

Seriously am so thankful for everything GOD has given me in my life.

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