Wednesday, November 2, 2011


OH what a day I have.
Ill give an update on what I'm doing soon but before I run out of the house I had to stop for a minute and really thank GOD for my blessings!  Oh there are just so many.
But my big thank you this morning...

My Running Shoes!

Holy life saver... I have always hated running. I am out of shape, my feet always go numb, I get too hot then too cold, my chest is always on fire after I'm done... Its never been anything I look forward to.
Well about this time last year Ryan said if I was actually going to run I needed a real pair of running shoes. So we headed to the SL Running co. and they fit me with the perfect pair for my feet and the individual way I run.
(did you know your running shoes should be 2 sizes bigger than your regular pair of shoes?)
I had no idea. No wonder why my feet always go numb!

Anywho... It has taken me a whole year to really get into the running thing and using those shoes. I am big into making excuses and not getting out there.  Its been about a month now and I am sticking with my daily run.  Harley and I get out there at the crack of dawn and get our run on.  I am starting to see a small difference in my endurance but not big enough to pat myself on the back just yet.  Ill keep going though. and thanks to my shoes--- My feet could run all day! Its just my breathing that I need to work on :)

So thank you thank you thank you GOD for my lovely, super comfy, running shoes!


Shelby said...

Oh my goodness, I have a funny running shoe story--to make a long story short--I started running and I didn't have good shoes, so I wore my 12 year old son's shoes--during the run they really hurt but I wanted to stick it out--so I continued running and my toe turned bright purple (black and blue), they were so ugly looking I painted nailpolish on them--well I totally forgot about that and one day I went and had a pedicure (which happens once a year)---the lady starting taking off my nailpolish and practically jumped up in horror when she saw my toenail, she thought it was some crazy fungus and I had to explain the running story! Thought it might make you laugh, I too, now have real running shoes :)

Candace said...

I just found that out recently too and need to get new running shoes! I love November and everyones thankful lists. We are making one over on my blog! Hope you are doing well Kendra!

Rosalie said...

Ah the shoes will make or break you for sure!! Congrats on sticking with it! Keep up the good work! I can't wait till my baby is born to get back into running!

Kristin and Jay said...

So I started running last march. I was SO out of shape, it wasn't even funny. I started the couch to 5K program. Maybe you should do a program to keep track of what you can do. When you see yourself improving, it is an AWESOME feeling! I ran my first 5K after 9 weeks of training for it (and believe me when I say I could NOT run for one minute straight without dying). Now I can run more than 3 miles without stopping, my chest doesn't feel like it is on fire anymore, and I have started training for a half marathon! Good luck on keeping it up! You can do it! (plus its a GREAT stress reliever!!!)


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