Monday, November 7, 2011


Do you know of Jersey Shore?
What am I saying... Of course you do.  You have to live under a rock to not know what JS is.
Well Ryan and I love this show. Its sooo dumb we cant stop laughing.
Do you know of Pinterest?
again... of course you do. BUT if you don't--- I highly recommend you checking it out.
As I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day I came across this...

* Just an FYI. I want that little Snookie. She is just the cutest ever *

I snatched the picture and sent it to Ryan and my JS loving sista immediately.
So today- I am thankful for Pinterest... Jersey Shore... People that dress their kids up for their own laughing pleasure... 
and the hope that I can have my own guido or guidette someday :)

.... PS. Just an update...Started testing!  
Just hoping in the next couple weeks we can get that positive result for both ovulation and pregnancy!!! Keeping our fingers crossed.


Olivia said...

LOVE Jersey Shore, and this of course!!!!! I too think it is hilarious to dress kids up for our own viewing pleasure! This totally made my day!

lovejoy_31 said...

wow!!! funny, but just couldn't do it to my LO myself.

Paige said...

i saw that on pinterest, as well! of course, i'd never let my daughter dress like that, but it did give me a great laugh!

Anonymous said...

Although I did snicker, and do agree that that little Snookie is the cutest little bugger EVER, I have to agree with anonymous above me that dressing little girls up like skanky tramps is disturbing and wrong and I would never entertain that with my own children whatsoever. I truly believe it send the wrong message. For the boy as well. They honestly, at that age shouldn't even know wtf JS is...

PS/ Good luck on hitting the target this month!

Tracie said... the "Jersey Short" pic, and am crossing everything in the hopes that you'll get a couple of healthy babies started soon! You inspire me at all levels. God bless!!!


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