Monday, November 28, 2011

96 hours of Thanksgiving

Starting bright and early Thursday morning!
6:00 am 
Get ready and start the turkey.
That's right, Ryan smoked one of the turkeys this year. Oh it was heavenly.
9:00 am
Thanksgiving breakfast with my family.
I love them. Yummy food. Thanksgiving birthdays. Searching the adds for the best sales.

10:30 am.
Kenzie Thanksgiving
decor. treats. a couple balloons (2 blew away early and 3 popped as they were being filled). wind. kisses

12:00 pm
Cooking the dinner.
Munching on appetizers.
Visiting with family.
Holding babies.
Making memories.

- this little man smiled and laughed looking at this little miss. then he feel asleep. I'm sure they are the best of friends -

5:00 pm
Welcomed some very special visitors.
Oh I can not get enough of those lovey babes.

9:30 pm
The girls decided to brave the craziness and do some serious black Friday shopping. We picked up my sister and headed to Micheal's. Then ToysRus (which we quickly left as the line to get into the building was around the block). Headed up to park city and shopped the outlets until 3:00 am. We then stopped by: ToysRus (again) and Target.  We grabbed breakfast sometime around 7:00 am and didn't get home until 10:00 am. Misty and I ran home to relieve the boys of baby duty and they headed to the Utah tailgate/game.   

We drank a few cups of coffee, played with K and let the babies sleep before we loaded them all up and headed to a couple other places to shop.  
3:00 pm
Grab the boys from the game and head up to Heber City for the Polar Express!

1st class tickets
Hot Chocolate
Although rather crowded and squashed. We had a lot of fun.

7:30 pm
The girls did their best to just stay awake for that 1.5 hr drive home. We were both going on 32+ hrs of no sleep. We were far to sleepy to cook so we grabbed Chinese and to eat at home while watching the Polar Express movie!  We all ate and at some point I passed out. Literally. I don't remember a thing after I filled my belly to the next morning.

8:00 am
Wide awake.
Playing with our favorite little people.
The dogs had each other
The boys had each other
So the girls decided we still didn't get enough shopping in and headed back out.
It was pretty much black Friday all over again and we ended up not buying much because we refused to stand in those lines again. 

5:00 pm
Came home to get ready to see the lights downtown
but decided it was far to cold and we were way to sleepy to go.
maybe next year.
But... we had a yummy rib dinner and played for hours.

9:00 pm
K and I felt the Dogs and Mike should have their nails painted.
It seemed like a necessity.
Harley looks amazin.

10:00 pm.
All the kids were in bed so we watched Bad Teacher.
We laughed.

Finally crawled to bed.

Sunday came way to soon and our visitors went home. I went to work and Ryan got ready for the next week. Our mini vacation is over and we are back to the regular.

I am so so so THANKFUL for our amazing family. For a wonderful Thanksgiving. For food. and for our sweet friends who came into town as a little vacation for them but turned into more of a vacation for us.  The next couple weeks are going to be hard. Not the best time of year. Wednesday will mark 2 years since their Ryker went to heaven and just 13 days after that will mark 2 years since our Makenzie followed.  We sure miss our babies. We miss that life. We miss the simple happiness we once lived. But for some reason, being together gives us that simple kind of happiness again. Maybe its because we are connected in a way not many are. I don't know. But I am THANKFUL for the knowledge that this isn't the end for either of us. That we will be with our Ryker and Makenzie again.


Katie Danner said...

Sounds like so much fun Kendra! I love reading your blogs. You are so thorough and make it fun and interesting. :) I also love seeing pictures of your beautiful self! You are so pretty and sweet. :) I know that you are so busy and have tons of friends these days, but don't be a stranger! :) hehe, hope all is well!

caseyp said...

It seems as if yall may need a lil mini vaca from your vaca... Looks as if fun was had by all... I know your two lil angels were happy and elated at yalls excitement!!! Will be praying for both families in these very hard days ahead!!

Robin said...

Kendra~I am tired just reading your post! lol...I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! It sounds like a blast! I'm also so happy you have great friends to share time with, and that you feel so good when you guys are together. Praying for you and Ryan (and your sweet friends) in this season.

brigette said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Spent well with family and great friends!! Praying for you as the hard dates are coming. Much love mama!

Candace said...

I love all the pictures! Sounds like the perfect holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man you put me to shame! Talk about a power shopper! I can only dream of keeping up with you. So happy to read that you had a good holiday with family and friends.

Emma said...

What an incredible weekend, tiring, but filled with so much fun and love! Hope you are recovering from it, getting more sleep and having a great week so far as well. Love ya! Em


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