Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Boo at the Zoo!!!
First year ever going. It was a lot of fun but total chaos. Seriously waiting in a 30 minute line to get a tiny plastic cup of chocolate milk or a string cheese or a mini box of dots is not worth it in my book.
Plus it was near impossible to see the animals around the crowds.
I guess this holiday isn't about the adults.
So my experience was irrelevant.
Especially when the kitty kitty was on cloud nine the entire time and wouldn't stop talking about her run in with tangled the moment we got there. So in all actuality it was totally worth it.

Kitty & Tangled

Kitty & Ariel

Halloween Day!
We couldn't sleep the night before because we were just tooo excited.
We woke up early and the mini insisted on getting ready right away!
I held her off as long as possible because I knew the makeup and hair would never last all day.
So we compromised. All day long she was a beautiful princess and dressed in her Cinderella dress.
Then it was kitty time around 3:00.

The boys joined us for all the candy fun and stayed the night so we could trick or treat the night away.
The D had the most amazing costume. He was a bum and totally rocked it.  I couldn't stop laughing especially at his signature walk that he nailed! Oh I should have recorded it.

The K was a mix between Justin Beiber, Fro man and a skater.  I personally vote for the Fro man because it made me smile!  His hair took up the back seat!

We met up with the rest of the fam. since they have a golf cart for the adults who are tired of walking.  
Somehow I never got to ride in the golf cart but Ryan on the other hand-- never got off the thing :)

Before we took off on the candy hunt we had to send our loves and kisses to our little monster in heaven. I can only imagine the massive amount of candy my little girl got.

And the fun began!

This house in my neighborhood does this amazing pumpkin display. 
There is TONS of these pumpkins totally decorated like nothing you have ever seen.

Hours... and Hours... and Hours later.

and we all went to bed on an extreme sugar high.
Happy Happy Day!
Love us some Halloween!

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