Friday, November 11, 2011


2 Thankful's today since I didn't have time yesterday...

I am THANKFUL for Harleys pooper scooper.  I cant imagine picking up that crap without it. I wish she knew how to go to the potty in the toilet. It sure would make life that much better.  Our family cat growing up- Shasta- would go to the bathroom in the toilet. It was a pretty funny sight to see.  No one ever believed us.  She taught herself. She was a cutie kitty.

I am THANKFUL for Disney. The amount of entertainment they provide is priceless.  I love me some fantasy fun.  Thanks to Disney we have a night full of fun awaiting us.  There are 2 little girls who cant wait for Disney on Ice.

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Marley said...

Hey Kendra,

I was wondering if you ever do like those Q&A posts, where you read and choose some of your comments to reply to via a blog entry. To answer the LOADS of questions people may have or even acknowledge some of the comments or suggestions your readership gives.

Not trying to tell you how to blog, but some bloggers do it once or twice a month and it's really nice... when we've been following so long we almost feel like we're extended family (creep alert?? lol) and sometimes questions or concerns go unaddressed.

Maybe even on days when you can't think of what to blog about, doing a Q&A post would be a good way to fill that in!!

Just a thought, hope you consider it. It's hard to tell if you even read your comments at all!



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