Friday, October 28, 2011


Took the mini to the pumpkin patch to pick the very best ones we could find.
We needed 4 amazing ones.
The mini's task was to pick them all.
but she had to make sure each pumpkin was special for each person.
It took about an hour of walking, touching, picking up, throwing down, searching for THE perfect 4.

We had so much fun. But I didn't realize how dirty one gets at a pumpkin patch. 
Lesson for the future--- don't wear new, or light colored clothing.
On our way home we stopped by the park to get our swing on for a few.
We love swings.

and we just happen to find a COCONUT!
yes, you read that right. This girl spotted this from a mile away, ran to it and screamed, COCONUT!

We spent the rest of the night digging, cutting and carving.
The time it took Ryan to carve his alien I carved the bat, M with stars and the butterfly.
Yeah I'm awesome :)
Okay so all of mine look kind of lame but whatev.
Watching this little girl dig out the pumpkin guts was hilarious. She hated every second of it and had to wash her hands between each pinch full.

 Ryan' Alien                                               Mini's Butterfly

                 Kendra's Bat                                             Makenzie's "M" with stars

Cant wait for the rest of the fun.


Kim Sheely said...

You are amazing, thank you for sharing!

brigette said...

You guys are such a great aunt and uncle!! And the mini shes so cute! Hopefully we can all play again soon! Hugs mama!


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