Tuesday, March 23, 2010

harley jill michelle webster

oh harley jill michelle.
you are so very silly.
you are so funny.
you have been so good to us.
you are part of our family forever.

i was in kenzie's room the other night. i decided to get out the outfit she wore on nov 17th. the day she checked into primary's. the last outfit she really wore. its the only thing that really smells like her still. im not sure if its because i haven't taken it out of her diaper bag or what but it does.
if anyone goes near kenzie's room harley has to be right there, she will do anything to sneak into that room. i just sat there thinking about kenzie when i looked down and i see harley like this.

i started to pet her and said,
'oh harley- you miss your baby don't you'
and then she did this...

she might as well have crawled on my lap.
after i told her to get down she sat there and just rested her head on kenzie's clothes again.
she really misses her baby!

just because i needed a little laugh- i did this


Marcia said...

Harley looks & sounds like a sweetie, for sure. I don't know how long it will last, but putting the outfit in a ziploc bag will preserve Kenzie's smell longer than leaving it out.

Jessica and Reece said...

So sweet. It's amazing how in tune little animals are to our feelings. Sending prayers your way!

Alerie said...

Dogs really are so special and amazing!! I am sure she does miss Makenzie!! Sending lots of hugs for all of you (Harley too). Always thinking and praying for you. Much love!!

Lisa F said...

Poor Harley!
Silly mama!!!

That Girl said...

Dogs are so much more intuitive than most people give them credit for. Sweet post-thanks for sharing.

Chanse and Janell said...

Oh how I LOVE dogs. She is such a sweetie, and she truly loved Kenzie:)


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