Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 6 - at sea

!no towel tonight-what?!
rough day on the boat.
rough winds
rough waves
weak stomach.
first day i actually felt --sick--
took a bunch of sea sick pill
(didnt need to insert the suppository sea sick pill-
yes i was prescribed them just in case, never took it though)
won $50+ in the casino
sat in the hot tub
laid in bed-trying to settle the tummy
watch freedom writers in bed - still trying to settle tummy
ate in the dining room
ate ice cream
shopped a little
tried to track down balloons to send to our kenzie today
(no luck, we looked all over in mexico as well and no luck there either)
we had a great week but ryan and i were having a really hard day and were ready to get home.

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