Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3 - cabo san lucas

towel = bear, monkey?! not sure.

.our first stop
.headed outside to watch us pull into cabo
.had to get off big boat-onto a little boat to head to shore

.did a little shopping
.walked around town a bit
.headed to the next boat to go snorkeling

.enjoyed the views on the way to our stop
.cute seals came up to the boat and splashed and played around

.snorkeling was awesome
.water was cold
.saw lots of beautiful fish
.found a skool of fish with over a thousand fish in it
.almost choked to death on the over powering salt water taste
.after snorkel fun- we sat on the little boat and got some sun
.serious sun- we all got french fried

.came back and jumped into the hot tub

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