Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 3 - mazatlan

towel = seal thing, person ??!!

.woke up to this city

.couldnt wait to get off the boat
.ate quick and jumped onto the pee smelly bus for our 1hour ride up the mountain to the sierra madra mountains for our canopy tour
.city was a huge eye opener-we are so very lucky to live in the place we live
.made ry and i want to help others (more on that another day)
.dogs everywhere! check this on out on the roof

.got all set up with our gear and headed up the mountain to get on with the adventure
.took a 6x6 up this steeepppppp mountain
.everyone held on for dear life- i was crushing this poor preteen boy who didnt know what to do with this crazy women falling all over him and touching him all over (trying not to fall out)

.the zip line went through the jungle-which this part of mexico is in winter season so it looked more like a dessert than a bright green jungle but it was still really pretty
.there was 9 different zip lines ranging in size and speed
.so exciting

.got to the end and stood on this ledge!
.nothing holding us on there but a small rope
.how do you get down?

.cute lady behind us said it best
"you've got to be shit-in me"

.these boys were awesome-adorable-hilarious
.you dangle off the side and when you least expect it- they drop you, NOT slow-FAST
.they thought it would be extra hilarious to torment becky and myself
.yes i screamed-way tooo loud

.view after i fell and pee'd my pants :)
.after our canopy adventure, we toured the tequila factory
.ryan and i both thought it was good

...later that night...
.ryan and shaun bought matching watches on the boat

.hot tub
.played mini golf
.watched the water

.they had a midnight buffet- to bad ryan and i only made it until 11pm before we passed out
.we watched them start to set up and it looked cool


The Call's said...

That sounds like an awesome trip!! I am glad you guys were able to enjoy yourselves!!

Esther said...

Wow! This trip looks so fun! I want to cruise there someday :) I'm glad you all had a nice break!

debbie said...

I keep thinking that preteen kid probably liked you being all over him a little too much ;) Your cruise looks like it was a fun adventure - thanks for sharing!


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