Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Uncle J.

wow--- your home.
i cant believe that i missed this!
my mom talked about you all the time. she would tell me all the trouble you 2 used to get into. she told me about your club house, your secrets and "dennis the menace"
-just to name a few-
i sure wish i could have met you.
we would have been a good team.
i know we would have created quite a bit of trouble.
(im my moms kid- come on!)
i know we would have laughed for hours.
i know i would have shown you a new outlook on life.
i am pretty laid back and mellow like you.
im not a social butterfly, i like to sit back with my mom or dad and watch.
i am happy.
i love life and i worked hard at it.

dont i have the best smile?
my mom says all the time that pictures really dont do justice to how amazing i am.
i think about you a lot.
i cant wait until you can see me.
i cant wait to hug you.
i love you.
forever and forever.
your always my favorite uncle jonathan.
makenzie rye

promise you jonathan,
she is amazing.
she is the best thing i ever did.
she has changed my world.
just look at her face.
she melts you.
im so glad your home.
i missed you so much.
ry, kenzie and i are so proud of you.
love you forever bud.


The Call's said...

How wonderful to have your brother back! I am sure Kenzie is looking on and I hope you guys will be able to feel her spirit.

Emma said...

Jonathan, I can only imagine what it was like to be away from your sis during this time but I am so glad you can be there for her now. You sound like an amazing brother and man and I am so glad to know Kendra has someone else to turn to, she seems to have such a supportive family and friends and I am so happy for that! I hope you all feel Kenzie's love shining down on you and her strength to get through these days.

Alerie said...

This was really sweet. I am sure your brother loved it. He seems like such a good guy. I am sure it was hard on your brother to be away from you during all of this, but I am glad he is able to be there now for you. There is nothing like a sibling to lean on. I hope that your whole family is able to feel Makenzie's during this time. Always thinking of you!!


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