Sunday, March 28, 2010


1 year since ryans grandma d. passed away.
kenzie is buried next to her.
we tried to go to the grave to send balloons but because the
freeway was closed, traffic was to bad and we couldn't make it.
decided to send them at home.
harley wanted to help.

kenzie, you're lucky to have gma d.
give her lots of loves.
she will teach you so much.
she gives the best hugs.

grandma d.
please take good care of kenzie.
give her hugs and kisses everyday.
tell her how amazing her daddy is.
keep her laughing and smiling.

love you forever.


Alerie said...

How special for her to be next to her great grandma and have her up in heaven with her. I am sure she is taking good care of Makenzie and giving her the biggest hugs and kisses everyday more than once a day. Your in my thoughts and prayers today as always!!

ML said...

My family and I think of you often. You are a wonderful mother and an inspiration to us. I'm sure Makenzie knows how loved and adored she is. I want to help with your leg warmer project. Send me the instructions, and I'll see what I can do.

Emma said...

Ryan, I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandmother and I hope you felt her love and how much she is loving your sweet girl today and always. I have no doubt she is so proud to have her by her side, to take care of her for you and shower her with hugs and kisses until you are by her side again. I hope you and Kendra both felt the love of your Grandmother and Kenzie today, as always, helping you through your days. Hugs to you both, Em

Gaspegirl said...

Just beautiful!

Nat's said...

I started reading your blog when Kenzie went into hospital last year, and you and your family are always in my heart and mind!
I love all the things you do to keep her memory alive.

You are an awesome person.

Kami Satterlee said...

Hey Kendra,
I'm so glad you wrote me on my blog. After looking over your blog and having it completely break my heart, I'm so glad we can be blogger friends (that sounds so lame) but it's true. You're obviously a strong woman and have a lot to say so hopefully we can keep in touch. I can be a little over the top with my blog, but hopefully we can relate:)haha Your family is beautiful and your daughter couldn't be more precious.

Anonymous said...

We are so lucky to have had Kenzie and Grandma D in our lives. I know they are taking good care of each other. My Rich is there too and he (unfortunately) will teach Kenzie how to spit and swear as only he can do. They all love her there and we all love her here. She knows and feels yours and Ryan's love the very most. The love never ends, Kendra. Kenzie knows how you feel. Why do I know this? Because I still feel my mother's love and she's not here to hug, to cry with, to laugh with but I can still feel her. They are all watching over us and can still feel the love. Love ya Auntie "M" (Mary)

Chels said...


That is really sweet. My daughter Alyssa has a grave next to my grandmother as well.


AJ and Cindy said...

that is sweet that she is buried next to her great-grandma, I am sure they are taking good care of each other up in heaven :)


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