Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Alisha from CUTE LITTLE ME contacted me because she has an awesome deal going.
She is selling baby leggings for $5 each!!!
That's not all- She also offered that for every 5 pairs you buy, she will throw in 1 extra pair for a total of 6 baby leggings for $25!
I am over the moon...
These are the real baby leggings that you buy at any baby boutique for regular price $12+.
I'm so grateful for Alisha and hope to clean her out of all those leggings.
I have already put in a large order.
Alisha needs to have all orders in no later than June 1st. She will be sending me all the baby leggings in one big shipment.
(saving everyone money)
If you are interested in ordering a few please contact Alisha at
alisha_groo@ hotmail dot com

**Here is a small sample of the baby leggings she has!**


Holly said...

Awesome!! I will order a set of 6 from her before June!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project, Kendra!! I think lots of people tend to donate baby blankets to hospitals because it is the first thing we think of that might be needed. But as you well know, some babies love only their favorite Blankie. The leggings will keep lots of little babies legs warm and snuggly, especially if they don't have much chubbyness on their legs because they are not well. How amazing you are to think of other babies and their moms and dads in such a cute and darling way. I'm in for sure. One of Kenzie's legacies will these leggings for many babies. Her strength and resolve to smile in the face of a tremendous hardship will never be forgotten. She was one brave and courageous little wonder. Love you. Auntie M (Mary)

Emma said...

That is awesome, I will email her in the next couple of days for sure!!
Kendra, I am so touched and inspired by the fact that even so fresh in your grief you are thinking of other little ones, other families and what you can do to help them be more comfortable and maybe put a smile on their face all at the same time!

Kenzie was such a strong little girl, smiling and fighting so courageously, she got that from you (and I am sure Ryan too!)! You gave so much of yourself for her, and in the end you gave your heart for her to be at truly are incredible and I know through this plan to donate leggings you will bring comfort and joy to many people. I can just picture all the little ones with their fun leggings on....such a sweet sight in a place that needs it most.
Hugs, Em

Amie said...

That is AWESOME!!! I was going to let you know that Target has stockings for $2...if someone is looking to sew their own-loaded up on them last week!!!

Tara Bennett said...

I'm so happy about this! I'm emailing her this second!

Alerie said...

This is so awesome!! That is so sweet and thoughtful of her!! I am definitely going to look into this and email her.


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