Friday, March 26, 2010

dont want to walk without you

All our friends keep knocking at the door
They’ve asked me out a hundred times or more
But all I say is, “Leave me in the gloom”
And here I stay within my lonely room
I don’t want to walk without you, Baby
Walk without my arm about you, Baby
I thought the day you left me behind
I’d take a stroll and get you right off my mind
But now I find that
I don’t want to walk without the sunshine
Why’d you have to turn off all that sunshine?
Oh, Baby, please come back or you’ll break my heart for me
‘Cause I don’t want to walk without you No, siree

- words by Frank Loesser, music by Jule Styne


Candace said...

What an amazing song and gorgeous picture...

*The Thomas 3* said...

Kendra, I have followed your blog since December. My heart hurts for you and your sweet little family! You remind me constantly to keep perspective on life! I had my first baby girl in August and had severe complications to where I almost died and now I can't have children anymore, I don't say this to make you feel bad for me. You have enough to worry about. I merely want to thank you for reminding me to love my little one at every moment possible. Everyone heals in their own sort of way. I try healing the best I can. You are healing in the way you know is best for you. I appreciate your honesty on your blog.
Thank you!
I'll continue to follow and pray for you and your family!
Chin up girl! More people love you and are grateful for you than you probably know!

Tara Bennett said...

That picture is stunning. I love it. I'm glad you found a song that expresses how you feel. Music can do so much for the soul, especially when it really gets to the core of your emotion. Love you girl and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Andrea said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers today. IT has been a long week and I wanted you to know that I am keeping you in them so you might have strength. You and you husband are super amazing and a great example to people like me. Thank you for sharing you life and family with us.

derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

.no words.

that picture melts my heart.
i just keep staring at it- Kenzie's perfect toes and those baby legs, and daddy's hands holding those perfect feet.
perfectly precious.

Emma said...

Breathtaking precious! Thinking of you and sending you my love today and always, Em

Anonymous said...

screw the anonymous god loving hipocrit!

Alerie said...

That picture is so so so precious!! And that song was written beautifully!! Always thinking and praying for you!! Much love!!

brigette said...

wow... how did you get such an amazing photo? I am in love with it. Also the one with the candles and lights.. how did you get it? This is a beautiful song such true and powerful words!! Thinking of you always

Jenni said...

What a sweet picture. I love her cute little painted "tootsies". Beautiful song too.

FROGGITY! said...

:( feel better! such a sweet photo! thinking of you...


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