Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 1 - Depart

day 1 on our vacation!
left early sunday morning-flew to lax-boarded the ship around noon and hung around until the ship set sail around 5pm. our room was tiny but very nice. our beds were comfy and we slept great every night! our travel group consisted of ryans family
randy= ryan's dad
becky= ryan's mom
shaun= ryan's brother in law
brooke= ryan's sister
ryan= kendra's husband
kendra= ryan's wife
we had our own rooms next to one another. we shopped a lot, we played a lot, spilled food on our clothes a lot, drank a lot, laughed a lot, some people pee'd their pants a lot, slept a lot
and ate a lot.
every night we would come home to our beds turned down with a different towel creature.
every morning while we were eating breakfast they would make up our room for us.
they had a buffet called the windjammer where we went for breakfast and lunch. they had a nice dining room for all meals but mainly dinner. there were lots of other restaurants throughout the ship that we enjoyed grabbing snacks at here an there.
everyone caters to you all the time. i swear we never had a crumb in front of us before someone ran over and swept it off.
-i could get used to that everyday-
they had a different entertainment show every night. we went to comedy shows, late night adult shows, ice shows, a broadway and many more. every night we would run into the hot tubs to warm up since the wind was blowing so much and it got pretty chilly.
we had a great time with our wonderful family.


Emma said...

I just read about your trip and looked at all your beautiful pics. It looks like an amazing trip and that you were surrounding but such a wonderful family!

I am so glad you had lots of fun, laughs and so many exciting times (the canopy tour looked awesome!).

I can only imagine how hard it was thinking of Kenzie not being in your arms and when it was time to come home not having her to come home too. I wish you could just have all that fun without the heartache-but you are right, no matter what you can never escape from what life has handed you. I do think you made some big steps, having that time together as a couple, reconnecting in a way only getting away can do and I am so glad you went on the cruise. No, you are right, it doesn't change the sadness, the grief etc but I hope you feel like you and Ryan as a couple became even closer.

I thought of you so much this week and of Kenzie watching her Mommy and Daddy smiling and having fun in the much as she would have loved to be with you, I know she was so happy to see those times of laughter, happiness, love etc that you did have!

Thanks for sharing your pics and your trip with 'us', Hugs, Em

Jenni said...

That was so much fun to read about your trip and see pictures of you and your family! I'm glad you guys had a good time. That's cute that you took pictures of your little towel animals. Good idea! :)

Alerie said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I am so glad that you were able to do this. Such an awesome experience. The canopy tour looked really fun....I probably would have peed my pants too!! ha ha!! I love all the different towel animals. So fun. I also loved all the pictures with all of your initials and then the ones of just Makenzie's. SO special.

P.S. - you looked GORGEOUS in all of these pictures!!


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