Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have been so blessed to have so many people love and care for Ryan and I. Since Kenzie passed we have been given some amazing gifts that help us remember our beautiful daughter. After the last gift I received I couldn't help but publicly show off some of these things and thank all my amazing friends and family for these gifts we love and adore.
Some of these gifts include
.a beautiful quilt made by kenzie's gma and gpa
.framed poems
.a chest to hold kenzie's special things in
.a neckless with makenzie's name on it
.the book my sweet aunt sent me
.a picture book of makenzie
.this amazing picture my sweet friend had made of ry, kenz, harley and i. its pieced together with strips of paper
.another amazing picture my friend drew herself of makenzie
.flowers from kenzie's casket dried and framed
.a bracelet with kenzie's initials on it

I'm so lucky.
...thank you thank you thank you...
i love all of you.
i have been blessed with other gifts as well that are not listed but definitely not forgotten. we treasure everyone of these things. some- we carry everywhere we go. i cant tell you the feeling i get when i see these things. to know how loved we are. some of these things were given by people we haven't ever met, i hope to meet you all someday- to hug you and give you a proper thank you.


Tara Bennett said...

They are all SO beautiful and special. I'm so glad you have all these treasures to remind you of your true treasure!

I was going to suggest doing a project, either together or you could just do it or I could do it for you.... however you want! I was thinking it would be cool to make a patchwork quilt out of the clothes Makenzie wore, and then make one out of the clothes she didn't get to wear, or just make one quilt out of both. I'm not sure what your plans are with her clothes, but I thought it might be nice to wrap up in a quilt made out of those little pieces of her. I'd be happy to help you.... Okay, let's be honest, if you DO want to do it, we'd have to get together at my cousin's house just down the road from my house because she's the genius seamstress around here. I'd just be there to follow her strict directions! Let me know if you want to. We could get together once a week or something. I think it could be neat, but you may not want to cut up her clothes. You decide!

Love ya!

Tristan said...

I love the chest! That was an excellent idea. You really are loved!

Alerie said...

Those are all so beautiful. I really like the chest, the picture your friend drew, the one your friend made with paper (AMAZING)....oh goodness I just love them ALL really!! So thoughtful of everyone. You all sure are loved by many!!

brigette said...

what amazing gifts!! You are so blessed, I love the idea of the patch work.. my sister took Kaels clothes and is putting together quilts for my husband and I as well as my 2 boys that were alive when Kael passed. She also made us amazing pillows out of his blankets and bath towels he used. I love them all so much@

The House that James Built said...

where is that amazing trunk from? wow,,what neat gifts. you are so loved....


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