Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sneak Peak #2 and a story

We are so close to baby T's room being completely complete. but its not quite yet. I just couldn't wait any longer to share another sneak peak at what he will have to look at on a daily basis. Oh I honestly am loving everything about it and cant wait until we get to bring him home. 

Ryans Mum took all these pictures down at his uncles farm. Don't you just love them. If they didn't go well in TK's room I know I would be trying to find a place somewhere else in this house to display them. Please note that the biggest horse on the right in the last picture is the same horse that tried to kill me. Yes you read that right. and now its time for a story.
I have mentioned before but ill mention again that long ago (almost 6 years) when Ryan and I got married my job was to plan the wedding and his job was to plan the honeymoon. I honestly didn't care where we went and told him he could do whatever he wanted. Maybe I was naive or maybe I just didn't know my soon to be husband as well as I thought and I imagined he would be taking me on some super romantic getaway-- maybe to a beach, maybe to a luxury resort somewhere.. I don't know but never would I have thought he was taking to me Tropic Utah. 
Have you heard of it? Probably not. Its a very small town.
I have since learned more about my husband and if he has the option of going anywhere in the world it would first be to the cabin-- which in November its shut down for the winter so that was out of the question for our honeymoon- and the second option would be Tropic Utah. 
We stayed at his Uncle and Aunts house. They used to run a B&B so they were used to catering to guests. Looking back I cant imagine going anywhere else. It was one of my most favorite memories of all time and I am so glad he took me there. but anyway back to this horse. 
They belong to his uncle. I loved horses but aside from only riding one I had no experience with them. Well he took me out into the field that they were grazing to pet them. There was one horse that was so sweet and would have let me pet him all day. but as we moved to the other horse. The one that is in the right in that picture. She decided I needed to die. I put my hand out and she lunged back on her back legs and her front hoofs came off the ground and came at me. Just then I heard a faint yell in the background to run. A FAINT YELL because my brand new husband- prince charming- had already taken off running and was half way across the field leaving me there with the killer horse to trample me to death. Can you believe it?! I turned and ran. Luckily that horse showed mercy since she was probably laughing that my man took off like a women and didn't bother to save me.
I will tell you I was a bit upset.
I got over it after a few minutes but tease Ryan about it on a regular basis to this day.
Nice impression on your new wife.
anyway- that was a long story- but it was kind of funny. at least for us.

One of the last days in the hospital with Makenzie I decided to spend the day telling her every story I ever imagined I would tell her throughout her life about our life. Tell her about things that happened to us. Tell her how we met and dated and married and had her. This was one of the stories I told her and I thought it was hilarious that she smiled and was obviously trying to laugh the entire time I told it to her. That girl had the best personality.
She was just like her Dad and I know there would have been a lot of tricks and moments they would be laughing at my expense. I fear for what Ryan and this little boy will do. I hope he is on my side.

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Auntie EM said...

She did have thecutest personality. I can still picture her smiling even with the vent tube in. She was one brave sweet lovey little girl. I picture her holding "T's" hand and telling him all about her silly mom and dad, telling him what great families you both have, telling him he will have to have plenty of fun for the both of them, telling him to be good and grow up big and strong, telling him she loves and misses her parents but that she is fine. He is holding on tight and will be trailing heaven behind him when he comes to you and Ryan. I can't wait to see him. I love you. Auntie M


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