Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

We didn't do anything for the 4th this year. Nothing. We stayed home, spent time with each other here and there but I mainly was burring my face in books studying for a state test I was taking.
We were able to get away long enough to see our Makenzie and leave a few decorations for her.
We went to bed fairly early and didn't even see a single firework. 
We have some room for improvement next year- especially with a little one in the house but this year was not a big deal. We are still grateful and remembered the amazing freedom we have.
That is something we will never forget or take for granted.


Ashley Quarles said...

Makenzie's spot looks so pretty. I guess I've never noticed the saying at the bottom of her marker. It's perfect. <3

Thinking of you as tomorrow rolls around...

Trinity said...

I love that you release balloons for her. Such a special and sweet ritual. What a lucky little girl.


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