Monday, July 23, 2012

Makenzie's 3rd Birthday - Balloons

 Its no party without balloons and its not party for Makenzie without letting everyone of those balloons go. Its funny how these kids know the routine. They look forward to letting their balloons go and they never put up a fight. They are anxious to pick out which balloon they get to sent to Makenzie and they watch their balloon extra close until they cant see it anymore. It warms my heart that they have that special love for their cousin and that they make sure to never leave her out. I wish they could save every memory they have of their cousin and I wish the ones who never got to meet her had a memory with her. but like every other memory it fades. It breaks my heart to know their memories will not be of playing with her but of sending balloons and visiting a cemetery. They have lost as well and sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I only think about what I don't have and I know I need to remember everyone around us has lost her as well. I am thankful our families don't stop talking about her. I am thankful they have pictures of her. I am thankful they will forever associate balloons to their cousin in heaven. 
There was a lot of kisses and loves sent to heaven that day.
We all said our Happy Birthdays and stood there until Makenzie snatched up that last balloon.

Happy Happy Birthday Makenzie Rye.


Auntie EM said...

I hope you had a wonderful day in heaven sweet girl. Your Aunt Mary loves you and misses you.

Unknown said...
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