Sunday, February 17, 2013

Leggings & Seriluna

You know my leggings project?
I mean who doesn't?! Its the best project out there. As far as leggings projects go :)
We are going on our 4th year of Kenzie's Baby Leggings Project.
It started shortly after our Makenzie passed away and my goal was to collect 150 pairs of leggings to donate to Primary Children's Hospital for the kids who are staying there. 
To date we have donated OVER 3000 pairs of leggings!!!!
Seriously people. OVER 3000. 
That's amazing.
I am so thankful for every. single. one. of. you for all your continued dedication and support.
Many of you have used this as a way to get a group together and donate a lot. Some have sent me 1 pair thinking that wasn't much. No matter the amount that is donated. No matter if we get 200 pairs or 1 pair you are making a difference. That 1 pair is going to 1 kid. That little girl or boy is getting that 1 pair that you donated. Its amazing. That's what I love so much about this. The smallest amount makes the biggest difference.
If you are unfamiliar with the leggings project click HERE. Its one of the tabs at the top of the blog.
You can also read about our past donations...

We are at the beginning of 2013 and I already have a couple of you amazing friends sending me leggings. (I call you all friends whether we have met or not)  1 of you amazing women have sent me 3 packages now! I cant believe it. You are so wonderful. Many of you strangers friends show more support than people who know us. I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and love for all of you. Thank you for helping with this project and every other project out there.

A sweet new friend of mine named Rachel is doing an amazing thing with the company she works with. Have you ever heard of Seriluna? I didn't until she contacted me. I got my first project the other day and oh my heavens I am obsessed. I got the lotion and its awesome. It smells incredible and works wonders. I cant wait to try more. Well she has decided to have me host an online party. 50% of the proceeds goes to Makenzies projects... 
What are Makenzies projects?
The leggings project of course and the Jackson Lab. for SMARD research.
So the 50% of sales that come our way gets divided 50/50 for the leggings project to purchase leggings and the other half will be sent to the Jackson Laboratory for SMARD research.
I think its amazing Rachel is doing this for us.
I have been meaning to post this on here since the beginning of February but its been a crazy busy month and just haven't gotten around to it. BUT here it is. and you have to hurry. My party ends the end of this month. If you want to host your own party contact Rachel. She will still donate part of her proceeds to Makenzies projects so even if you want to host and get all the host benefits yourself you will still be helping the leggings and Jackson lab!
If you have questions please contact Rachel.
I hope you enjoy anything you get just as much as I have already enjoyed my lotion!!!
If you get more please let me know what you get and how you like it so I can try it as well.

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Trinity said...

I have loved my seriluna product!


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