Sunday, February 17, 2013

5 months

 5 month Tracker:

Weight- 17.1 lbs
Height- 26.1"

Clothes- He wears 3-6 month for the most part but most are getting to small. He fits into his 6-12 month shirts perfect. Wears size 9 month pajamas. Size 1 or 2 shoe. 3-6 month jeans are pretty much too small but he can still squeeze into 3-6 month stretchy pants. 

Diaper- Size 2 diapers and could wear size 3 but they are just a little bit big.

Sleep- This last month has been a bit rough. With him getting RSV and completely catering to every whimper and whim any schedule we might have had went out the window. At his 4 month appointment his pediatrician said we should start letting him cry it out especially at night so he can learn to self soothe. After he got over his sickness we tried to let him cry it out. We tried for a few days. He goes to bed at night just fine but wakes up quite a few times. We never let him cry more than an hour and a half which was torture! Seriously it was horrible. I cried. Every single time. and every single time ended in him throwing up and starting to choke on his throw up. Ryan and I would RUN into his room and be done with it. After a few days of doing this we both decided it wasn't right for us. We tried and he just was not having it. and it was horrible for Ryan and I. As of right now I just have no desire to try it again. I don't mind getting up with him. I mean I would love sleep but I can sleep when he has moved out of the house (hopefully in 3o years) I actually like snuggling him in the middle of the night. Those are the times I stop and soak in all his yummy-ness the most. The only reason we tried the whole cry it out was not for us- it was because I worry its not the best thing for him if he constantly needs us. BUT the more I have thought about it and have done a little research (which I don't rely much on that but its nice to see another opinion) but I don't think I am doing any permanent damage to him. 
I want to establish trust with him and I want him to know I am always there. 
(please don't think I am saying anything about how anyone else handles this. This is only what I feel is right for us.)
So after a lengthy story... His sleep is not on much of a schedule. He goes to bed around 8-8:30 pm every night and wakes for the day between 6-7:00 am and usually wakes up anywhere from 1-5 times (5 times are rough nights). He is awake and plays for a couple hours in the morning and then goes down for a nap around 9:30 am. He is napping in his crib most everyday and sleeps close to an hour. He then takes another hour-ish nap around 1:00 pm and then again in the evening 
between 5-6:00.

Eating- My big boy LOVES to eat. During the day I nurse him every 3 hours starting when he wakes up. He now gets 2 REAL meals a day. We gave him a few different foods when we first introduced solids but he got a little backed up so we stopped them all and slowly have reintroduced some. He is not a fan of Rice cereal but likes the oatmeal. We have mixed carrots and sweet potato's in with the oatmeal and he inhales it. I cant feed it to him fast enough. He wont eat it if its to runny. He likes his food to have a little texture so he can actually eat it instead of drink it. He gets a meal at 8:30 am and then again around 5:00 pm. We will continue adding something new once a week.
He is not a huge fan of the bottle unless there is a little prune juice in it. We have to give him about a cap full every so often to help him poop. For some reason he loves the taste of it. 
We are hit and miss on the bottle situation. If we are out and about we will give him a bottle but that's about it.

Loves- Sitting up, watching Harley, when his Mum holds him, when his Dad gets home, eating, standing, playing with noisy toys, playing with paper, singing songs, jumping in his jumper, getting kisses, going on drives, his toes, looking at Dads deer, listening to music, kicking his legs, bath time, when anyone talks to him.

Dislikes- When he cant see his Mum or Dad, when he can see his Mum and someone else is holding him, when he cant eat fast enough, loud noises, sudden noises, when someone talks after its been silent for a while, laying down for more than 1 minute, when he pulls his blanket over his face and he cant get it off, any bottle other than the Dr. Brown ones.


Oh how this little boy continues to make our life amazing.
He is the funniest little man and has the best personality.
When he gets worried or upset his lip sticks out about a mile and then his entire face becomes red and it looks like you just broke his heart. He lets out the saddest cry and everyone just feels sorry for him. at least his Mum does and usually rushes to his aide. 
He still adores Harley. He will be in the worst of moods and if Harley comes within reach he stops fussing and reaches for her. She sits down and lets her pull, tug and jab her in the face for as long as he wants. I usually put a stop to it after a few minutes. 
He eats all his big boy meals in his high chair which he is growing into more and more. He loves eating real food. He is fairly picky about his spoon and prefers one type over any other.
He is also picky about his bottle and will only drink from the Dr. Brown ones.
He doesn't like his swing, bouncer or entertainment gym much anymore. He doesn't like laying down. He wants to be up and looking around.
He is loving his bouncer more and more. He doesn't know how to jump quite yet but he moves from side to side, back and forth and occasionally gets a hop in there.
All items he can get his chubby little fingers on goes straight to his mouth.
He can now grab his feet and loves playing with them. He doesn't put them in his mouth but love to lay there and hold them especially when I'm changing his diaper.
Just about every day when his Dad walks in the door he leans for him. Ryan then takes him and Tracker proceeds to snuggle him for a good 20 minutes. He will nuzzle his head into his chest and then pull away and give him a huge smile. Then lean in and give him a kiss. It goes back and forth over and over. It completely melts my heart everyday and it never gets old.
If he is ever laying down his legs are constantly moving. He does about 2,145 bicycles a day.
He is solid. Not really chubby but solid. His skin looks like its stretched to the max.
He talks sooo much. He babbles consistently.
He discovered his tongue and cant stop making sounds with it. I got him to blow zerberts back at me 1 day but has yet to do it again on command. He will do it on his own but it was so cute when he would mimic me doing it.
We play music when he goes to sleep at night now.
He is so content as long as his Dad or Mum are holding him. He is such a sweetheart.
He will hold my hand any chance he can.
When I carry him around on my hip he has to grab anything in my hand.
He hates the blender. I make a smoothie every morning and every morning there are tears of fear.
I have to be extra careful with him in the bath because he is all about trying to roll over and put his face in the water. I try to hold him still and control his head but he is a strong bugger.
He loves his swaddle blankets and pulls them over his face every second of the day pretty much. I am so thankful they are breathable but I still hate it and quickly run to him every time I see it covering him. I pull it off and he laughs and tries to pull it back over his face again. We have invested in some sleep sacs at night. I don't swaddle him at all unless I am right next to him because he somehow always gets those blankets over his face.
He loves the toys with lights and that make a lot of noise.
He loves holding my phone. He reaches for it anytime he sees it.
His finger and toe nails are going soooo fast. I honestly have to trim them every other day.
He doesn't spit up much at all anymore. Of course he has a little here or there but hardly any.
I have stopped his reflux meds and he seems to be doing great.
He still gets gas drops a couple times a day. He has man farts. They are so loud and so powerful.
He usually cries a couple times a day because his giant farts hurt.
He can roll over from tummy to back with no problem but doesn't always want to. He kind of likes being on his tummy. and he has only rolled from his back to his tummy a couple of times but he rolls onto his side a lot.
He is starting to get some green in his eyes.
He has a lovely bald spot on the back of his head that is not showing any signs of going away soon.
He likes pulling the vibrating frog that hangs on his car seat.
He has the best laugh. and laughs the most when his Mum shakes her head and says crazy.

So So So happy to have this little man.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely adorable little guy you have!

Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

He is SO cute!! I love his mohawk. It makes me miss Jack's. I can't believe how big he is...He's just about to surpass Jack, who is only 26 1/2 inches, and 18.7 pounds :)

I think every parent needs to decide what is best for their child, and shouldn't feel like they have to do crying it out. I know for some people that works, and that's great for them, but we also decided it wasn't right for our family either. Jack got absolutely hysterical and would throw up too, and it took a really long time to calm him down. Combined with his health problems which actually cause him to sleep poorly, I just didn't feel good about it. I did plenty of research too when I made that decision, and like you, I don't think it's going to negatively impact Jack. In fact, during the day, he is the happiest, most social little boy :)

I love that Tracker and your dog just seem to love each other. So cute.

Angelica said...

He's adorable! Your camera takes very nice pictures, may I ask what kind it is?

Lisa Reese said...

I hated the cry it out thing too. Horrible. I would cry every time I tried it. I totally understand... We decided it wasn't the right option for us. Things may get better on their own. Ella didn't sleep through the night until she was 6 months old. Hope you start getting more sleep.

Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker said...

Hi Angelica.
I have a Nikon D3100. I love it but really dont know how to use it. I need to sign up for a class to learn more about it :)
Thank You.

Angelica said...

Thank you for replying Kendra. I totally get you because I have a Canon60D and some decent lenses but I have no idea what I'm doing. I've had it for almost a year now and I've taking plenty of great shots but that was just luck! I feel embarrassed having my camera on auto focus in public! I also would like some courses but can't seem to find the time or money to do it. Someday though. Gorgeous baby boy you have there :)

Paige said...

I did the cry it out method for my daughter. It was the only way I could get her to really go to sleep. Now she's 3 and is extremely independent :) I would probably wait a while before doing the CIO method with him, though, because he's still so little and still needs his mommy :)

Alerie said...

He is the cutest little guy


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