Friday, February 22, 2013

Kenzie Day . Valentine


I love having a Valentine themed Kenzie Day.
We don't do Kenzie Day's every month like we used to but every couple months we try and put something together. I feel like its been so long since we have done one and I have really missed it. I'm thinking ill need to plan one sooner rather than later for our next get together. especially since not many people could make it. I love having everyone together and really missed those who couldn't make it.
We planned a somewhat RED themed dinner with PINK cookies.
The kids could color valentine pages before dinner and after dinner we made Valentine Glitter Globes.
They were so easy to make and so cute when finished.

- Tracker was hilarious with the balloons. He was giving them a million loves. He puts his head into it and gives it open mouthed kisses. It melts my heart every time. He is such a sweet boy -

Oh my sweet little girl. Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you had a good night watching us celebrate YOU!
Makenzie Rye we love you so much. I am sorry we don't get together every month but I promise that doesn't mean we don't think of you all the time. Your Dad and I still have our own Makenzie Days and we do our own thing every month to remember you. I hope you see that.
I hope you caught everyone of those balloons and every one of those kisses. 
I love you to the moon my sweet girl.


Trinity said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Lovely happening. You should not worry about not putting a regular show for Makenzie : you carry her in your heart all the time. She knows.
Thinking of you across the ocean.


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