Friday, February 1, 2013

Seriluna Spa Party

I have made such amazing friends through this blog. Its incredible to have so many people I have never meet offer support and help in life and everything related to the projects I work on.  
My sweet friend Rachel works with this amazing company called Seriluna. She has offered to do an amazing thing. She is teaming up with my Live, Laugh, Breathe projects and is going to donate 50% of her earnings to this!!! 
In turn 50% of that money will be donated to The Jackson Laboratory for SMARD research and the other 50% to the Makenzie Leggings Project 2013.
Is this not incredible? I have made a huge list of items I cant wait to try from Seriluna and I know you will find some great products as well.  When you place an order with Rachel make sure you use the keyword MAKENZIE so we can keep track of all the orders that are linked to this cause.
If you have any questions or would like to set up a party yourself so you can earn some AMAZZIN host prizes make sure to email Rachel.
To place an order visit the link below.
I hope this is a great success and we can all work together and donate some funds for SMARD research as well as stocking up on some adorable leggings.

Please pass the word onto all your friends and family!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is so great how many people in this world offer a helping hand and keep the memories alive of precious loved ones. I can't wait to try out my new eye firming cream. Thanks for hosting the cyber party.


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