Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Round: week 20

.Started out the week still not feeling his best so we continued to stay inside most of the week
.When he cried on more than one occasion he said "Mumm" Mummm" aka: MUM aka: he is talking
.Had a few days where he cried most of the day
.Was babysat twice
.Rolls from his tummy to back really good but not so good at moving from his back to his tummy yet
.Would rather try and sit up than do anything else
.Doesn't like laying down much anymore even to play
.Took out the body insert in his car seat because he is getting so big
.First time out of the house in 10 days
.Not taking a bottle very good anymore only wants the boob
.Started to feel better on Tuesday and pretty much completely better by Thursday
.Sat in the Bjorn facing forward
.Bjorn getting really heavy
.Had visits from Aunt Jill, the Andersons and a couple of Mums friends
.Wondered around Home Depot while his Dad played with tools
.Loves music and now has to listen to his play list before bed at night
.Loves reading books
.Usually always stops crying when I kiss him
.Starting to get stranger danger and always prefers if I am holding him

January 20
133 days old

January 21
134 days old

 January 22
135 days

January 23
136 days old

January 24
137 days old

January 25
138 days old

January 26
139 days old

. Smitten .

1 comment :

Love, Strength, Hope said...

Hi, Kendra.
I love reading your blog.
In fact, I should be studying for the bar exam right now and was reading about Track instead! LOL.
If your bjorn is getting heavy, try the Ergo. It is ah-mazing as far as comfort when carrying heavier babies. I still break it out in a pinch when I find myself somewhere with a sleeping 56lb 5 year old!!
Best of luck!


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