Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 Month Favorites

Oball - Turquoise Blue Green: We have a couple of these fun little balls. We have this one as well as a football and one that has beads in it. They are perfect for grabbing, holding, sucking and throwing at this age. Tracker is so curious about everything and is just learning how to wrap his little fingers around something. This is great for him to learn how to reach and grab.

Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon: I was a little unsure about this spoon when I first got it. It was one of Trackers stocking stuffers. We didn't use it until this last month and I have to say its pretty awesome. Its more of a pain and waste to use when we are home because for most of Trackers meals we are mixing a veggie or fruit with his oatmeal so there is still some prep involved and I would rather just mix the food together and feed him right from there but when we are heading out the door or I know he will be eating away from home this is great. I just mix his food, put it in this thing and snap the lid on and we are out the door. He loves that its almost a constant stream of food as well. I cant feed this kid fast enough so he enjoys the almost straw like motion this has. Its so easy to squeeze and I am amazed that all the food gets out of it and there really is no scraping the sides. 

Gerber spoons: We got a few different types of spoons and these are by far our favorites. They are more flat so its easier for Tracker to get all the food off the spoon and not leave the majority on it like other spoons do. Most other spoons are more round and when you are sticking food in and pulling out they pretty much scrap the top layer off and that's it. These spoons are so much easier I think. Plus they are soft and don't jab him in the mouth like some others do when he is being a little wild and moving his head around when the spoon is in there.

Aden + Anais Baby Snap Bibs - Liam the Brave: I got these as a gift and LOVE them. I didn't think much about bibs and that some might be better than another. I love these because they hug Trackers neck. Other bibs are a bit to loose so he still gets food under his chin and down the front of him if I'm not careful. I like these for when he is eating but I LOVE them for his drooling. He is a drool machine... (teeth possibly?) so these are great because of how much it hugs around his neck and isn't so floppy. Plus they are pretty cute.

Magic bullet system: Cant say enough good things about my bullet. I use it for everything. but the reason I love it in regards of Tracker is to make his baby food. They have the baby bullet which is specifically for making baby food. I bet its amazing but I just have to say it could be unnecessary. This thing works amazing. It purees everything. I never have had a problem. Its quick and easy to clean as well. If you are interested in making your own baby food- I would just use your bullet if you have one or go buy a bullet. Mainly because you will love it for everything you do in the kitchen and you will thank me later for introducing you to this amazing invention. Seriously. Its awesome.

Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray:  I have to include my life savor when Tracker had RSV. I was determined not to let him get bad enough that he would need to be admitted so I was crazy about sucking out that nose as much as possible. Those boogies can get thick and stuck up there so this was amazing to use every time I sucked that stuff out. I just put a drop or 2 in each nostrils- waited a few minutes and then sucked. It broke up everything so I was able to pull miles of snot out. (TMI?)
I know there are other nasal sprays so I cant say this is the BEST because we didn't try any others but this one sure worked for us. 

Aden + Anais Slumber Cozy Sleeping Bag: Since this little boy decided blankets are best over his face I decided for my own sanity and for his safety they are not allowed in his bed anymore. Even when we would wrap him up tight he some how got it free and out from under him and over his face. I love those A+A swaddle blankets because they are breathable so he was able to breath through them every time but I am still completely terrified of it each time it happened. So we invested in the Slumber bag. Oh its amazing. Its like 4 swaddles together so its really warm but like I said the muslin fabric is breathable so it doesn't over heat him. He sleeps with this every night and we all LOVE it. 


Shawna said...

My guy loves the bamboo swaddles on his face too!! We bought him the aden and Anais bamboo issie. They're amazing and little so they can safely snuggle. Tracker is so handsome!!

Jaqui said...

Your little boy is adorable! What program do you use to do the month favorites?


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